Normand St-Pierre

Normand St-Pierre
221A Animal Science Building, Columbus, OH 43210
Scholarly areas: 
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Course number Course title Units Semesters offered
ANIMSCI 3130 Principles of Animal Nutrition 3 Autumn, Spring
ANIMSCI 4007 Dairy Herd Management 3 Autumn
ANIMSCI 4193 Individual Studies 1-3 Autumn, Spring, Summer
ANIMSCI 5797.01 Welfare of Agricultural and Recreational Animals 3 Spring
ANIMSCI 5797.02 Animal Production Systems in Diverse Environments in Australia 3 Spring
ANIMSCI 7000 Applied Biometrics 3 Autumn
ANIMSCI 8998 Thesis Research 1-15 Autumn, Spring, Summer
ANIMSCI 8999 Research 1-15 Autumn, Spring, Summer