Undergraduate: Equine Program

The Department of Animal Sciences offers students hands-on experience with horses through courses, internships, research, and part-time student employment to enhance our strong, science-based curriculum. On this page you will find information about our courses, internships, research opportunities, facilities, and horses. If you are interested in an Equine Minor or taking equine classes or if you have questions about our program, feel free to contact us.

Major Options and 4-year Plans

Your interests in the area of horses may fit under the Animal Sciences Majors or the Equine Science Minor. Click here to investigate the options and plans.

More Information

Make the Most of Your Equine Interests!

Whether you are focusing on some aspect of horses for a career or you just want to feed your interest in horses, there are many equine-related items for you to consider.

Team Opportunities

Club Opportunities

OSU Horsemen’s Association. Click here for more information and more clubs.

Horse Donations

Click here to learn more about donating a horse to the OSU Equine Program.

Equine Facilities

Click here to visit our Animal Units section to read more about the Equine facilities.

Equine Courses

ANIM SCI 2221 - Introduction to Equine Studies

Uses of the horse, the economic impact on society, and the basic science of equine nutrition, reproduction, genetics, disease control, housing, and general management. Click here for more information.

ANIM SCI 2301 - Equine Behavior & Training

Understanding equine behavior and physiology and practical application of that knowledge to safely and effectively modify desirable and undesirable behavior of horses. Click here for more information.

ANIM SCI 2401 - Advanced Equine Behavior & Training

ANIM SCI 3101 - Equine Facilities, Marketing, & Management

Emphasis on the development and practical management of equine facilities. Click here for more information.

ANIM SCI 3131 - Equine Feeds and Feeding

Nutrient needs of the horse and significance of supplements and feeds as they relate to a horse’s nutrition and health. Click here for more information.

ANIM SCI 3171 - Equine Health and Disease

Introduction to infectious diseases affecting horses with emphasis on management practices that influence host-pathogen interactions. Click here for more information.

ANIM SCI 3301 - Equine Selection & Evaluation

Understanding the relationship of form to function and evaluating conformation and performance. Click here for more information.

ANIM SCI 3797.01 - Equine Studies in Europe

Short-term study abroad program to experience different cultures and compare how aspects of the culture shape and impact respective equine industries. Click here for more information. Also, visit our Study Abroad page to learn more.

ANIM SCI 4001 - Equine Production

The application of scientific principles to the production of horses. Click here for more information.

ANIM SCI 5551 - Equine Assisted Therapy

A variety of approaches, therapeutic settings and client populations will be addressed with an emphasis on equine behavior and body language. Students will gain experience in the development and practical application of an equine assisted therapy program. Click here for more information.

Equine Experiences


horse and studentThe purpose of the equine experiences offered by The Ohio State University Equine Program is to provide students the opportunity to enhance their formal education with valuable hands-on experience.  These opportunities are excellent for students that have little to no equine experience.  Students will provide routine care of the animals and facilities, as well as assist with any special events that might occur such as a state 4-H contest or clinic.

Equine Experience Application Form (pdf)

Student participation in these equine experiences may be eligible for ANIM SCI 3488 or 3191 credit. Students wishing to receive academic internship credit (ANIM SCI 3191) for one of the above equine experiences need to contact the Animal Sciences Internship Coordinator, Dr. Pasha Peffer at or 614-292-3896.

Currently, there are four opportunities available that provide valuable hands-on experiences in:

Stable Management

Stable Management (Fall or Summer Term):  In addition to basic horse care, students are involved in administering proper immunizations, de-worming, and assisting veterinarians and the farrier when needed. For more information on the Stable Management experience, click here (pdf).

Equine Behavior & Training

Equine Behavior & Training (Spring Semester):  The Behavior & Training experience focuses on the preparation of horses to be sold at the annual Buckeye Bonanza Horse & Tack Sale. Interns work with the faculty and staff to create individual training programs for the sale horses and are responsible for handling, grooming, and conditioning their assigned horses. In addition, they assist students currently enrolled in Anim Sci 2401 as needed.  For more information on the Behavior and Training Internship, click here (pdf).

Breeding Management

Breeding Management (Spring Semester): Students work extensively with broodmares and foals throughout the breeding season, learning basic principles of reproductive management of the mare and stallion and gaining hands-on experience with foaling, imprint training, and assisted reproductive techniques. For more information on the Breeding Management experience, click here (pdf).

4-H Equine / Extension

4-H Equine / Extension (Fall, Spring and Summer Terms): For more information on the 4-H/Extension experience, click here (pdf).