Department of Animal Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Animal Sciences at The Ohio State University. Housed within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, we provide undergraduate and graduate students opportunities inside and outside the classroom to meet their personal goals. Undergraduate students can choose from a B.S. in Nutrition or Agriculture and 7 minors. The B.S. in Agriculture offers majors in Animal Sciences (with specializations in Animal Biosciences, Animal Industries, and Veterinary Technology) and Meat Sciences. Our graduate program offers PhD, MS, and MAS degrees. Our students have continued their education in graduate, medical, and veterinary school and career opportunities for our graduates include: pharmaceutical sales, geneticist, animal trainer, laboratory animal manager, USDA meat inspector, product developer, biomedical researcher, and many more.

Research in the Department of Animal Sciences aims to increase the economic profitability of agricultural animals and quality of their products, improve animal welfare, and lessen the environmental impact of animal systems. Our faculty have diverse areas of research expertise including:

  • Growth, development, and meat science
  • Breeding, genetics, & reproduction
  • Mammary biology & milk quality
  • Animal behavior
  • Nutrition & microbiology
  • Waste management & biofuels

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Undergraduate Research in Uganda - Taylor Klass
Undergraduate Research in Uganda - Taylor Klass
Buckeye Dairy Hype Video
Buckeye Dairy Hype Video

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