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Dairy Science Hall of Service: 1952-1959



H.O. Frederick*

Dairy farmer; Dentist

A dentist and dairyman who has served his profession and dairying for fifty years. Active in support of tuberculosis and brucellosis eradication programs. For many years he held offices including directorship in state and national Holstein-Friesian  associations. He has been treasurer of the Ohio Holstein-Friesian  Association for the past 41 years.


Floyd Barlow*

Guernsey breeder

Born 1879. He thought ahead for the Ohio Guernsey breeders. Field Secretary and builder of the Ohio Guernsey Breeder's Association, 1923-50. Secretary-treasurer Ohio Dairyman's Association, 1928-33. Served on the committee with I.D. Hadley, C.C. Hayden, and Dr. Krauss to inititate Ohio's Dairy Days at the experiment station.


L.P. Bailey*

Jersey breeder

Born 1851. Bred fine Jerseys in Belmont Country since 1878. In 1914 he helped organize one of the first cow testing associations in Ohio. Won more than 100 medals at state and national expositions on milk, cream, and butter entries. Eight years director of AJCC - for years member Ohio's Board of agriculture and was widely known as a dairy lecturer. Helped organize Ohio Dairyman's Association in 1894. Died 1928.


W.W. Trout*

Jersey breeder; General Manager of Bordens

Born 1884. Distinguished Jersey breeder who has served the American Jersey Cattle Club and the Ohio Club in many capacities. Led the movement which brought the American Jersey Cattle Club to Columbus and helped raise money to purchase the site. Served numerous times as club director and was honored as its vice-president. General manager of Bordens at Springfield from 1929 until his retirement in 1950.


Beverly O. Skinner*

Educator; dairy farmer; President of Wilmington College

Born 1875. An educator, administrator and dairyman as well as president of Wilmington College. State director of education 1931-35 and president Ohio Dairyman's Association 1940-45. Served often and ably as a farm institute speaker in the early days of Agricultural Extension.


S.M. Salisbury*

Educator; advisor

Born 1889. Teacher, advisor, and builder of men.  B.S. - Ohio State University, 1913. Assistant Professor, North Carolina, 1913- 1915. Animal Husbandry, Ohio State University, 1915-1919. Professor of Animal Husbandry, Massachusetts State Agricultural College, 1920-1923. Professor, Dairy Science, Ohio State University, 1924-1954. Loved and respected by all.


I.D. Hadley*

Holstein fieldman

Just "I. D." to his host of Ohio friends. Iowa born and a graduate of lowa State College he has served Ohio Holstein breeders as fieldman and secretary from 1925 until his retirement in 1957. He was largely responsible for the growth aod development of the Ohio Holstein Breeder's Association.


Clair Miller*

Holstein breeder

A friend and a counselor to many Holstein breeders in Ohio and throughout the Middlewest. He did so much to forward the program of herd classification where he served as leading classifier for a number of years.


O.C. Belt*

Guernsey breeder; auto dealer

Nationally known automobile dealer whose farm interest was in breeding a fine herd of Guernseys south of Reynoldsburg. He was also a lover of standardbreds. He served for a period of years as chairman of the Ohio Racing Commission. He was very active in the support of the Ohio Dairyman's Association efforts to obtain support for the brucellosis eradication programs.


E.E. Rakestraw*

Brown Swiss breeder: Medical doctor

Built a nationally known herd of Brown Swiss. Served effectively as president of the Brown Swiss Breeder's Association and as president of the Ohio Dairyman's Association. A physician in Findley, Ohio, who built a nationally known practice. A man whose friends are legion.


Ivan McKellip*

Educator; USDA fieldman

Born 1886. B.S. - University of Nebraska . M.S. - Cornell. Instructor - Purdue - 1912. Massachusetts Agricultural College - 1913. Fieldman - Dairy Division, USDA - 1914. Ohio State Dairy Extension Specialist - 1915 through 1947. A loyal friend to Ohio's youth. Died,  1947.


Carlton Christian*

Agriculture editor/reporter

Served Ohio Dairying in many capacities - as an agricultural editor and farm reporter and extension editor, College of Agriculture. Directed the combining of many small co-ops into the Cleveland Milk Producers Federation. He also served as a DHIA supervisor, vocational agriculture teacher and county agricultural agent. He was the prime mover in the organization of county dairy service units throughout Ohio.

*Indicates deceased

Abbreviations: ADSA = American Dairy Science Association, AI = artificial insemination, COBA = Central Ohio Breeders Association, DFA = Dairy Farmers of America, DHI = Dairy Herd Improvement, MMI – Milk Marketing Incorporated, NOBA = Northern Ohio Breeders Association, OARDC = Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, USDA = United States Department of Agriculture, and VP = vice president.