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Livestock Judging: Coach Culp


Year Photo Team Results
2011 L to R: Kathleen Shircliff, Randolph; Caitlin Bushman, Pemberville; John Heins, Sidney; Arlis Young, Glenford; Tyler Lones, Somerset; Ty McGuire, Eaton; Lynette Sell, Hanoverton; Kyle Culp, Coach All East Evaluation, Selection, and Judging - 4th Overall, 2nd Evaluation, 2nd Beef Evaluation, 2nd Swine Evaluation, 3rd Sheep Evaluation, 5th Selection, 5th Beef Selection, 4th Swine Selection, 5th Sheep Judging, Heins (2nd Beef Overall, 6th Swine Overall, 2nd Live Evaluation, 1st Beef Evaluation, 6th Swine Evaluation, 10th Selection, 4th Beef Selection, 8th Swine Selection), Lones (1st Sheep Evaluation), Young (7th Evaluation, 9th Swine Evaluation), Bushman (4th Beef Evaluation); National Barrow Show - 13th Overall; Ak-Sar-Ben - 4th Overall, 5th Beef, 4th Swine, 4th Sheep/Goats, Shircliff 5th Swine, Bushman 10th Swine; Keystone International Livestock Expo - 4th Overall, 3rd Beef, 3rd Swine, 4th Sheep, 4th Reasons, Heins (7th Overall, 4th Swine, 7th Reasons); Eastern National - 1st Overall, 1st Reasons, 1st Swine, 1st Beef, Lones (1st Overall, 4th Reasons, 3rd Swine, 1st Beef), Heins (3rd Overall, 2nd Reasons, 3rd Beef, 10th Swine, 7th Sheep/Goats), McGuire (2nd Overall, 3rd Reasons, 7th Swine, 1st Sheep/Goats), Bushman (9th Overall, 6th Reasons, 6th Beef, 8th Swine), Sell (8th Overall, 9th Reasons, 6th Swine, 7th Beef), Young (2nd Sheep/Goats, 4th Beef); American Royal - 19th Overall; NAILE - 20th Overall
2012 L to R: Kyle Nickles, Loudonville; Audrey Neal, Tiffin; Nate Benich, Plymouth; Bailey Harsh, Radnor; Nick Wright, Brookville; Kyle Culp, Coach; Lindsey Grimes, Hillsboro; Jake Boyert, Seville; Linsey Howell, Danville; Trey Miller, Baltimore National Western Stock Show - 9th Overall, 9th Carload, Grimes 10th Carload; Iowa Beef Expo - 6th Overall; UT Roundup - 1st Overall, Nickles 1st, Grimes 3rd, Howell 4th, Harsh 6th, Wright 8th, Miller 10th; Purdue Block and Bridle - 3rd Overall, Boyert 1st, Miller 9th; All East Livestock Judging Contest - 2nd Overall, 1st Evaluation, 2nd Selection, 2nd Judging, NIckles 1st, Boyert 5th, Harsh 6th; National Barrow Show - 7th Overall; Keystone International Livestock Exposition - 1st Overall, Neal 6th, Miller 8th, Benich 10th; American Royal - 15th Overall; North American International Livestock Exposition - 9th Overall
2013 L to R: Kyle Culp, Coach; Rebecca Wallen, St. Paris; Adam Fennig, Coldwater; Paige Guenther, Rushylvania; Duane Shawk, Bucyrus; Justin Bachman, Lancaster; Emily Limes, Bowling Green; and Megan Moorman, Xenia National Western – 17th Overall, 9th Carload; Dixie National – 4th Overall; Houston – 12th Overall; All East – 3rd Overall; National Barrow Show – 8th Overall, 1st Hog College Home
Run Drive; KILE – 1st Overall; American Royal – 12th Overall; NAILE – 16th Overall
2014 L to R: Emily Limes, Bowling Green, Assistant Coach; Zach Bartenslager, Lewisburg, WV; Lydia Ulry, Johnstown; Levi Criswell, Marion; Tonya Fender, Lynchburg; Cody Shafer, Eaton; Megan Hunker, Bellevue; Jake Ruffing, Republic; Courtney Tarvin, Mt. Olivet, KY; Kyle Culp, Coach National Western Stock Show -- 7th Overall, Ruffing 1st; Dixie National -- 2nd Overall; Houston -- 5th Overall; All East -- 3rd Overall; National Barrow Show - 4th Overall; Keystone - 1st Overall; American Royal - 6th Overall; NAILE - 7th Overall