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Department of Animal Sciences


Meat Judging: Coaches Helmrich, Roth

Coaches R. H. Helmrich and R. O. Roth

Year Photo Team
1928 no photo available F. B. Boyer; H. A. Carey; ?. Coached by F. H. Helmrich
1929 no photo available Marguerite Trout; Helen Peters; Joe Dougherty; James Kennard. Coached by F. H. Helmrich
1930 no photo available R. O. Hitz; J. R. McKinnie. Coached by F. H. Helmrich
1931   No team
1932 no photo available Wayne Rife; Paul Schepflin; Edward Sidner; Pauline Trout. Coached by R.O. Roth
1933   No team