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Meat Judging: Coach Althouse

Coach P. G. Althouse

Year Photo Team Results
1961 John Peters; Don Lindsey; P. G. Althouse, Coach; John Lane; David Hawkins; Ken Davis; Robert McNall  
1962 Standing L to R: Raymond Bricker; Donald Taylor; George Reynolds; P. G. Althouse, Coach
Seated L to R: Richard Stentz; Jerry Berg
1963 Standing L to R: Kenneth Berry; Carl Miller; Ronald Borton; Henry Schofield; Nick Schwab
Seated L to R: Paul G. Althouse, Coach; Sam Hines
1964 Standing L to R: P. G. Althouse, Coach; Ronald Renner; John Messersmith; John Bradbury; Prof. L.E. Kunkle
Seated L to R: John Shuman; Roy Wallace; Daun Lawson
1965 Standing L to R: John Streber; P. G. Althouse, Coach; Jerry Schulz
Seated L to R: Frederick Ray; H. Kenneth Johnson; Jack Fetter; Charles Myers
1966 Standing L to R: Theodore Smucker; Jack Sommers; P. G. Althouse, Coach; Richard Buchy
Seated L to R: J. Donald Gray; Paul Howman
1967 L to R: Tom Myers; Larry Sands; Bill Moody; Sarah Jones; Richard Buchy; Lonnie Davis; Paul G. Althouse, Coach  
1968 Standing L to R: Marshall Rosene; Douglas Zobrist; P. G. Althouse, Coach; Larry Lotz; Duane Sponsler
Seated L to R: Lonnie Davis; Charles Sharpe; Larry Endsley; Ken Whitmire
1969 Front Row L to R: Charlotte Kruckeberg; Larry Edwards
Back Row L to R: Jerry Sterner; P. G. Althouse, Coach; Kent Neer
1970 Front Row L to R: P. G. Althouse, Coach; Jim Brightbill; Steven Transue; William Mount
Back Row L to R: John Bayliss, Herbert Luttrell, Wayne Wagner, Gary Junk
1971 Front Row L to R: William Joslin; Gary Wilson; Dan Eversole; Jim Leedy
Back Row L to R: Andrejs Spalvins; Duane Friend; Earl Beery; Charlene Fraser; Edward Hilt; P. G. Althouse, Coach
1972 Front Row L to R: Mark McCabe; P. G. Althouse, Coach; Ted Vartorella; John Poorman
Back Row L to R: Mike Bayes; Richard Smith; Jim Karr; Gene Strine; Tom Dugan
1973 Front Row L to R: Tom McBride; Rob Joslin
Back Row L to R: P. G. Althouse, Coach; Dave Hendricks; Dwain Leaser; Gary Parker
1974 Front Row L to R: P. G. Althouse, Coach; Wesley Duer; Jan Russ; Jeff Fetters
Back Row L to R: Douglas Leith; Tom Benecke; Robert Agle