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Meat Judging: Althouse 2

Coach P. G. Althouse

Year Photo Team Results
1975 Front Row L to R: Joy Eversole; P. G. Althouse, Coach; John Day; June Williams
Back Row L to R: Dave Faulkner; Dean Smith; Dave Shellhouse; John King; Greg Brysacz
1976 Front Row L to R: James Vallen; Mike Baumgardner; Ginny Bradley; Tony Grapevine
Back Row L to R: P. G. Althouse, Coach; Dean Smith; LeeRoy Wiseman; Mark Linstedt
1977 Front Row L to R: Sharon Cooper; P. G. Althouse, Coach; Jane Reef
Back Row L to R: C. Lynn Knipe; Dave Eversole; Dan Wunderlich
1978 Standing L to R: Steve Evans; John Skinner; Paul G. Althouse, Coach; Jeff Neal
Seated L to R: Dan Olzak; Liesa Rihl; Ralph Cable
1979 Standing L to R: Mike Townsley; Scott Shisler; Harvey Stanfield; Paul G. Althouse, Coach
Seated L to R: Julie Tague; Wendell Nofziger; Mary Shumate
1980 Standing L to R: Rob Wernke; Paul G. Althouse, Coach; Francis Fluharty; Bruce Gregg; Dan Shell
Seated L to R: Jay Regula; Linda Sue Clarke; Tammy Roll; Dale Shawk
1981 Seated L to R: Brian Ward; Jodi Plummer; Pam Matthews; Vicki Thompson
Standing L to R: P. G. Althouse, Coach; Dave Shoup; Steve Neal; John Grimes; Bob Lantz; Roger Roeth
1982 Standing L to R: P. G. Althouse, Coach; Tim Bohner; Tim Osborn; Jay Wilson; Jeff Murphy
Seated L to R: Sherry Arnold; Beth Smith; Elizabeth Zoeller
1983 Standing L to R: P. G. Althouse, Coach; Billy Burkhart; Greg Spear; Todd Plocher; Jim Hoorman; Dick Hall
Seated L to R: Scott Brubaker; Kim Redding; Amy Demler; Francine Shellhouse; Tad Meranda
1984 Back Row: Scott Barrett; Shawn Keiser; Jay Woodworth; Robert Knapp
Middle Row: William Wallace; Don Goodyear; Joe Skinner; David Harsh; Sally Shepherd; P. G. Althouse, Coach
Front Row: Doug Menter; James Winters; Amy Forrest
1985 Back Row: P. G. Althouse, Coach; Cheryl Spencer, Assistant Coach; Keith Kelley; John Hall; Jim Jepsen; Doug Schilling; Doug Shisler
Front Row: Paul Acton; Craig Meranda; John Merrill; Warren Flood
1986 Front Row: Susan Diczhazy; Lisa Lawson; Sandra Wallace; Susan Specht
Back Row: P. G. Althouse, Coach; Beth Rice; Jeff Hara; Roger Clark; Sandy Kuhn; Mike Lawson
1987 Standing L to R: Jeff Hay; Kevin Wendt; Greg Wells; Barry Woodworth; Greg Meyer; P. G. Althouse, Coach
Seated L to R: Michael Kirsch; Cheryl Hutchins; Greg Williams
1988 Seated: James Stickley; Dave Shuey; Cy Prettyman
Standing: Zack Stickley; Rod Kagy; Bob Folck; P. G. Althouse, Coach