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Financial: Travel

This page provides an overview only of typical department financial transactions. Content on this page is provided as a courtesy; full and final information should be sought from the college or university. Contact one of the People at the bottom of the page for more information on listed and other travel topics or visit the CFAES Business Office and The Ohio State University Office of the Controller.


  • Travel Policy - applies to all faculty, staff, students and eligible guests traveling on behalf of the university
    • OSU travel policies
    • Advance payments
    • Reimbursements
    • Travel expenses and required documentation
    • Etc.
  • OSU Travel Resources pages:
    • Pre-Departure Checklist (Traveling tab - Before You Depart)
    • Airline Information (Traveling tab - Travel Expenses)
    • Designated Travel Agencies
    • Rental Car Info (Traveling tab - Travel Expenses)
    • Hotel Info (Traveling tab - Travel Expenses)
    • Mileage Rates (under Resources tab)
    • Per Diem Rates (under Resources tab)
    • Travel Forms (under Resources tab)
  • Forms


Two main paths exist for expenditures of funds:

  1. Purchases via eRequest (purchaser accesses eRequest)
  2. Travel via eTravel (purchaser does not directly access eTravel)

All transactions should fit under one of these categories and be carried out as described.

Each expenditure must have a specific fund from which the money is withdrawn to pay for the transaction. If you do not know the funds to which you have access, contact one of the department People listed.


1. Travel Request

  • The OSU Travel Policy requires that every trip be preapproved in writing.
  • Use the paper Travel Request form (link below) to request university-related travel.
    • Prior to your trip, submit the completed form to one of the department People listed below. They will process the request.
    • Business Purpose section of Travel Request: the business description must include a descriptive justification (who, why, what, etc.). Business purpose should be written so an individual unfamiliar to the organization’s operation can understand why the transaction occurred. Click here for examples.
  • Advance Payment - "Travel must be approved by a designated approval authority and a “T” number [via the Travel Request form] must be issued prior to the trip in order to process an advanced payment using university procurement methods (i.e. PCard, PO or travel system payments)" OSU Travel Policy #2.11 (link above) Procedure section III. A. (Review for more information: Travel Policy Procedure section III. B. [page 5].)

2. Travel

  • Review: Travel Policy (link above) Procedure section V for information about travel expenses, methods of payment, and required documentation.

3. Travel Reimbursement

  • Review the Travel Policy (link above) Procedure section IV (page 6) for more information.
  • Use the paper Travel Reimbursement form (link below). This form is used for Extension as well as the college units, so it has a few sections that are not applicable to Animal Sciences. (Areas you do not have to complete: 1. The two questions under the business purpose, 2. The signature field, unless the traveler is a non-employee).
    • This form needs to be completed after the trip with the attached original receipts and turned in to one of the department People below; in Columbus, use the Travel Reimbursement mail slot in the mailroom (110K Animal Science Building).
    • Note: If a pre-trip T number (Travel Request form) was completed, then only the fields marked with an * are required on the Travel Reimbursement form. Update the non-required field if anything has changed. This will make it easier for the traveler to avoid entering information again.
  • Once the Business Office initiates and approves the payment request in the eTravel System, all OSU Employee travelers will receive an email communication from providing a link to the travel reimbursement or cash advance.

    • Click on the link in the email or go to and review and electronically sign the request.
    • Traveler will not receive payment until he/she electronically signs the request; a physical traveler signature (for OSU Employees) is no longer required on the form.

In-State Mileage Guidelines

  • Use the Travel Reimbursement form (link below) for mileage reimbursement.
    • As this is an Extension form, areas you do not have to complete include 1. The two questions under the business purpose, 2. The signature field, unless the traveler is a non-employee.
  • When calculating mileage, use your location of work (e.g., Columbus campus office, Wooster campus office) rather than your home address, even if you began your trip from your home address.
  • Mileage Rate: Latest rate can be found on the OSU Travel Resources page.
  • Include documented calculation of mileage, e.g., Google Map directions, MapQuest, etc.

Per Diem Rates

Form Links

  • Travel Request Form, a.k.a. "T" Number Request Form (go to Travel / T# Request Form _ _ _ _) - "This form is required for all prepayments of travel expenses, including Purchase Orders, Purchasing Card and Travel Card transactions. Submit directly to the Business Office for processing...This form can be use for all Extension ORGS and for the CFAES Orgs managed through the Business Office."
  • Travel Reimbursement Form (go to Travel / Travel Reimbursement Form _ _ _ _) - "This form may be used for all overnight travel reimbursements with all orgs managed by the CFAES Business Office, Columbus. For those with access to eTravel the data collected on this form may be entered into the eTravel Payment Request pages, but the approval must be completed in the Business Office and original paperwork still needs to be routed to either the Business Office or OSP Travel Office (depending on the funding source)."
  • Financial Transaction Exception Form (go to Goods and Services / CFAES Exception Request Form) - "Deans, vice presidents and designees have the authority to approve, on an occasional, non-recurring basis, exceptions to university expenditure and travel policies." E.g., for travel, Exceptions to the requirement to obtain original itemized receipts; request for reimbursement submitted > 90 days; exceptions to the requirement for prior approval for university business travel.
  • Other Travel Forms (see Travel Forms)


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