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Department of Animal Sciences


Seminar: Ashley Markazi

Oct 16, 2014 (All day)

An Sci Seminar on Thursday, October 16 at 4:10

Seminar Format – One full-length seminar

Seminar Speaker – Ashley Markazi, MS candidate

Seminar Title – The Effects of Yeast Cell Wall Product Supplementation on Layer Chickens after a Coccidial Challenge

Major Professor – Ramesh Selvaraj

Place – Animal Science Bldg. 212 & Gerlaugh 122

Key references:
Elmusharaf, M. A., Peek, H. W., Nollet, L., & Beynen, A. C. (2007). The effect of an in-feed mannanoligosaccharide preparation (MOS) on a coccidiosis infection in broilers.  Anim Feed Sci and Tech, 134(3) 347-354.
Kogan, G., & Kocher, A. (2007). Role of yeast cell wall polysaccharides in pig nutrition and health protection. Livestock Science, 109, 161-165.
Shanmugasundaram, R., Sifri, M., & Selvaraj, R. K. (2013). Effect of yeast cell product supplementation on broiler cecal microflora species and immune responses during an experimental coccidial infection. Poultry Science, 92(5), 1195-1201.