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Department of Animal Sciences


Seminar: Jerad Jaborek

Sep 17, 2015 (All day)

An Sci Seminar on Thursday, September 17  at 4:10

Seminar Format – One full-length seminar
Places – Animal Science Bldg 212 & Gerlaugh 122

Seminar Speaker – Jerad Jaborek, MS candidate
Seminar Title – Effects of energy source and level, sex, and maturity on growth, carcass and meat characteristics of lambs, yearlings, and mature ewes
Major Professor – Dr. Francis Fluharty
Key references:
1. Watkins, P. J., G. Rose, L. Salvatore, D. Allen, D. Tucman, R. D. Warner, F. R. Dunshea, D. W. Pethick.  2010. Age and nutrition influence the concentrations of three branched chain fatty acids in sheep fat from Australian abattoirs.  Meat Sci. 86: 594-599.
2. Young, O. A., G. A. Lane, A. Priolo, and K. Fraser.  2003.  Pastoral and species flavour in lambs raised on pasture, lucerne or maize.  J. Sci. Food Agric. 83: 93-104.