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Department of Animal Sciences


Seminar: Katie Dickey

Oct 29, 2015 (All day)

An Sci Seminar on Thursday, October 29  at 4:10

Seminar Format – One full-length seminar
Places – Animal Science Bldg 212 & Gerlaugh 122

Seminar Speaker – Katie Dickey, MS candidate
Seminar Title – Effect of Bovamine on ruminal, post-ruminal, and total tract digestibilities in dairy cows and on animal performance

Major Professor – Dr. Maurice Eastridge
Key references:

  1. Krizsan, S. J., S. Ahvenjärvi, H. Volden, and G. A. Broderick. 2010. Estimation of rumen outflow in dairy cows fed grass silage-based diets by use of reticular sampling as an alternative to sampling from the omasal canal. J. Dairy Sci. 93:1138-1147.
  2. Raeth-Knight, M. L., J. G. Linn, and H. G. Jung. 2007. Effect of direct-fed microbials on performance, diet digestibility, and rumen characteristics of Holstein dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. 90:1802-1809.