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Department of Animal Sciences

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The Department of Animal Sciences’ physical footprint is made up of Columbus- and Wooster-based offices, classrooms, laboratory facilities, and animal units. These facilities provide convenient locations, equipment, and animals for research, teaching, and outreach.

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Research Laboratories

Faculty, staff, and students have access to research laboratories that support studies in muscle biology, mammary biology, meat science, nutritional sciences, biomass utilization, microbial ecology, genetics, and physiology.

Animal Units

  • Animal units in Columbus are the physical locations for our field laboratories and are where applied learning occurs within our curriculum.  All Animal Sciences majors use the animal units during each school year. The Columbus campus has facilities that meet needs for nutrition, animal breeding, genetics, and physiology research as well as teaching. A dairy facility and egg-laying flock are maintained on the main Columbus campus, and horse, swine and beef herds are slightly farther north on lands near the University Airport.
  • Animal facilities near the Wooster campus include poultry, beef cattle, and sheep research centers and a dairy facility. Support on the Wooster campus includes an electron microscopy center, analytical laboratory, computer center, library, photo lab, and feed mill.

  • For a list of contact personnel associated with the Columbus, Wooster, or statewide animal operations, click on the document attached here.
  • Major events hosted by animal units involving outreach education include youth events and continuing education of our stakeholders. Student and youth tours at the animal units provide a unique opportunity for educating consumers about the process of food systems and their importance in the ecosystem.
  • Core to the research mission of the Department of Animal Sciences is the use of animals in scientific discovery. Animal units are used by some faculty members in the department as their primary field laboratories for conducting animal research. Areas of research conducted at the animal units include animal production systems, soil air and water quality, veterinary sciences, physiology, bio-energy, animal welfare and behavior, food safety, and innovative product development.

Undergraduate Opportunities

In addition to academic hands-on experiences, students have opportunities to work with animals and in laboratory settings through undergraduate research, internships, employment, teams, clubs, or other activities.

Agricultural Research Stations

Beyond Columbus and Wooster, animal sciences faculty and staff engage resources at Agricultural Research Stations around Ohio: swine at Western (South Charleston) and herds of beef cattle and flocks of sheep at Eastern and Jackson. In addition, faculty members have access to field facilities and fish stock for aquaculture research available through the South Centers, located in Piketon, OH.

Additional Opportunities

Complementing these facilities are resources supervised by other units in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) and other academic and professional programs at Ohio State, including biological sciences, medicine, veterinary medicine, chemistry, mathematics, physical sciences, and computer sciences.