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Department of Animal Sciences

Beef Research Center, Wooster

Beef Research Center

The Beef Center is located approximately three miles south of the Wooster campus. The facility houses animals for research trials to improve efficiency and profitability of beef cattle production and to enhance the quality of beef for consumers.

The Beef Center has a capacity of 400 head. The outside wing of the main feedlot barn has 24 pens that house 10 animals per pen. The inside wing is comprised of 80 small pens for feeding cattle individually. The pens of the main feedlot barn have concrete slatted floors over a four foot deep manure storage unit. An automated feeding system is used to mix and deliver feed to pens. Adjacent to the main feedlot building is a pole barn divided into four pens that can each hold 20 head. A 12-acre field, divided into eight paddocks, is used for stocker cattle grazing research.

cow beef unit