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Department of Animal Sciences


Poultry Center

The poultry center supports teaching, research, and Extension activities of the department. The poultry building houses chickens in battery brooder pens, cages, or floor pens. Other parts of the building include a teaching laboratory, equipment to mix feed, a room for incubation, and a student apartment.


Activities that use poultry or poultry products can be completed by students in the teaching laboratory. Animals and products are also transported to other classes on campus. Animal housing is available for classes with management projects that use meat- or egg-type chickens.


The Poultry Center supports research of faculty members on campus and at other universities. Poultry are available for research, generally for experiments planned by faculty on campus. Experiments designed by graduate and undergraduate students also may be completed with poultry at the center. Fertile eggs produced at the center meet the research needs on campus and at other universities.


Fertile eggs and small incubators are available for chick hatches in local schools. The Poultry Center also provides resources needed for 4-H and FFA poultry activities.