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Department of Animal Sciences


2018 Animal Science Hall of Fame

Mr. Mike Stitzlein



Mr. Mike Stitzlein

The Ohio State University

2018 Animal Sciences Hall of Fame

Distinguished Alumnus

Mike Stitzlein is a person who is deeply committed to the promotion of animal agriculture in the State of Ohio.  Mike Stitzlein has been a sheep farmer for many years, starting his flock of sheep as an FFA project.  Mike is a 1990 graduate of the Ohio State University Department of Animal Sciences.  While at Ohio State, he was a student worker at the Animal Sciences’ sheep facilities located on West Case Road.  He gained skills in the various classes while pursuing his degree, and from the experiences he gained from participating in co-curricular programs such as Saddle & Sirloin and the Livestock Judging Team.

Mike is one of the most successful genetic seed stock producers in the country and is recognized nation-wide for the quality of his flock that focuses on production of market lambs and meat sheep genetics.  Mike has always opened his farm to international visitor tours, Lamb 509, Small Ruminant Production class, American Sheep Industry, and the Howard Wyman Sheep Leadership; each of these groups has experienced his personal insight into sheep production in Ohio.  Mike has openly shared his management system, flock genetic design, and judging ability with many interested shepherds.

Mike Stitzlein has reached out beyond those FFA and Ohio State years.  Mike has become active in sheep organizations in the State of Ohio and at the national level for several years.  Mike has served on numerous sheep industry building and infrastructure organizations in the state of Ohio, including the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association and the Ohio Sheep and Wool Program.  The Ohio Sheep Improvement Association and the Ohio Sheep and Wool Program selected Mike as the recipient of the 2003 Charles Boyles Master Shepherd Award for his sheep industry leadership as well as his exemplary sheep production skills. 

Mike has also judged sheep and market lambs for 35 years at nearly all of the Ohio county fairs, the Ohio State Fair, and national shows such as the North American International Livestock Exposition, and at many state fairs across the country.  We are also proud of him serving as a judge at the OSU Saddle and Sirloin Club Little International.

Mike, his brother Bruce and other family members remain an integral part of this now multi-generational sheep and farming operation.  Several other nieces and nephews assist around the sheep operation and the farming operation.