Dairy Science Hall of Service

In about 1950, Dr. Fordyce Ely, Chair of the Department of Dairy Science, proposed an Ohio Dairy Hall of Fame. Its purpose was identified to recognize those pioneers of the dairy industry whose initiatives, guidance, and sharing of knowledge provided a service to the dairy industry of Ohio. Extensive review of the idea resulted in the founding of the “Dairy Science Hall of Service” in 1952. Portraits of those selected are presented each year at an annual banquet and are on display in Plumb Hall on The Ohio State University campus.


The objectives of the award are to recognize worthy men and women who have made a substantial and noteworthy contribution toward the improvement of the dairy industry of Ohio, elevated the stature of dairy farmers, or inspired students enrolled at the Ohio State University.

Desirable Qualifications

The desirable qualifications for the award include outstanding leadership, demonstrated creativity, willingness to share, and proven ability to inspire and motivate others for the improvement of the dairy industry.  Leadership ability must have been demonstrated in an occupation or field directly related to the dairy industry including, but not limited to: dairy farmers, dairy cattle breeders, county agricultural agents, vocational agricultural teachers, Dairy Herd Improvement Association personnel, artificial insemination supervisors and technicians, 4-H dairy advisors, college teachers, research workers, Extension workers, and professional or volunteer leaders in some phase of the dairy activity. An award is only given if qualifying nominations are made; an award may not be given each year. Only one ward is given each year, except if an industry-related individual (non-university) is selected, an additional awardee can be named in the same year of a university-affiliated individual who has provided the contributions described previously. The university-affiliated individual must be retired from the university.


Selection of recipients will be made by the Dairy Science Hall of Service Awards Committee, consisting of personnel in the Department of Animal Sciences.  Biographical material should include: name, place of birth, date of birth, home address, telephone (business and home), spouse’s name (maiden name), number of children and their names, and ages if minors, the candidate’s education, to include high school, college, and other training (place, degree, and year), and the candidate’s occupation(s).  A brief biographical sketch should be included that provides specific contributions to the dairy industry, honors received, organizational responsibilities, and offices held.  Supporting letters of recommendation are encouraged.  All nominations should be mailed to:

Dr. Maurice L. Eastridge
The Ohio State University, Department of Animal Sciences
221B Animal Science Building, 2029 Fyffe Court
Columbus, OH  43210-1095
614-688-3059, FAX 614-292-1515, Email: eastridge.1@osu.edu

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