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Department of Animal Sciences


Dairy Science Hall of Service: 1970-1979


W.E. Krauss*

Educator; Chair of Department of Dairy Science and Associate Director OARDC

Dr . Krauss was born in Newark, N .J., January 11, 1899. After serving in the U.S. Navy  in  WWI, he enrolled at Cornell University where he received  his B.S. in 1922 and  Ph.D. in 1926.  Dr . Krauss joined the Ohio Agriculture Experiment Station in 1926 and  became well known for his work on the nutritional value of milk, nutrition of dairy animals, and work on Vitamin D. He was chairman of the Dept. of Dairy Industry in 1941. In 1948, he was named  Associate Director of the Ohio Agr.
Experiment Station where he gave outstanding leadership until his retirement in 1969.


Lester O. Gilmore*

Educator; dairy farmer; Associate Chair of Dept. of Dairy Science

Born March 3, 1910, Freeborn, Minn. B.S. Agricultural Biochemistry, Univ. of Minn., 1939. Dairy Ext. Spec. State of Minnesota (1933-35) and Kansas (1939-42). Appointed Assoc. Prof. at OSU in the Dept. of Dairy Science in 1948 to teach animal breeding. He was named Assoc. Chairman of the Dept. in 1952, headquartered at OARDC and served in this capacity until his death, August 2, 1970. In the words of his widow, Gladys, "His service to the department and to the entire dairy industry was out of respect and love for his fellow workers and his desire to help all dairymen". He was outstanding as a teacher, researcher and private citizen.


Richard Kellog*

General Manager COBA

Born May 27, 1912, Lucas County, Ohio. B.S. Dairy Science, 1937 1937-43 Manager, Breezy Hill Farm; 1943-46 Manager, Northeast Ohio Breeding Association; 1946 to present Manager, Central Ohio Breeding Association (COBA). For more than a quarter century, Mr Kellog has been identified with the expansion and implementation of a wide-spread and practicable means of improvement of dairy cattle by artificial insemination. He bas been president of the National Association of Artificial Breeders. He became the first manager of the Central Ohio Breeding Association and helped establish and support the Salisbury Scholarship Fund for Dairy Science students.


C. Dan McGrew*

Educator; county agent

Born April 21, 1905, Kent, Ohio. B.S., OSU, 1928 - M.S., Cornell, 1949.  Prof. Emeritus Dept. of Dairy Science.  Employed by OSU Ext. Service in 1929, served as county ag agent in Paulding and Trumbull counties. Joined the Dept. as Ext. Specialist and achieved rank of Prof. in 1958. After 42 years of service to the dairy industry and OSU, he retired in 1971. Recipient of DeLaval Dairy Ext. Award, 1970. Member ADSA, Alpha Zeta, Epsilon Sigma Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta. Active in his church and community.  His devotion to OSU, dairymen, 4-H youth and his fellow man has been far beyond the call of duty.


Elden R. Groves*

Farm journalist

He has served the dairy industry in many ways. He is well known throughout Ohio and most of the nation as a farm journalist. He has been editor of Farm and Dairy for more than 35 years, and columnist for several other papers. Started and for several years edited Ohio Jersey News, Ohio Holstein News, Ayrshire Review, The Pennsylvania Holstein.  A breeder of Jersey cattle on his Mahoning county farm.  Honored with Distinguished Alumni award by the College of Agriculture at Ohio State in 1971.


Kenneth Indoe*

Dairy farmer

Born Sept. 21, 1904, Medina County. B.S. in Agriculture OSU. A pioneer in A.I. and owner of first calf in Ohio to be born as a result of A.I. Kenneth lndoe, former manager and now owner of Richman Farms, has developed one of the top registered holstein herds in the nation. He has served as President of the Ohio Holstein Association, President of the Medina County Holstein Club and in 1961 was General Chairman of the National Holstein Convention. He has been and is an outstanding and involved community leader having served on local and county boards of education, was a 4-H advisor for 25 years, has been a member of Rotary for 34 years, is an Honorary FFA member, and continues to devote much time and service to his church and many other community activities. His leadership, achievements in the dairy industry, and his personal integrity serve as standards of excellence for those who wish to leave their mark on Ohio agriculture.


C.R. Hap Huston*

Guernsey breeder; dairy farmer; Promotion Manager NOBA

Born August 3, 1901, near Cedarville, Ohio; attended Cedarville College, BSA from OSU in 1926. He has devoted over 50 years to dairying - developed his own herd of registered Guernseys; mgr of nationally known Franchester herd for over 30 years; served for 15 years as Promotion Mgr for NOBA, Inc.  His contributions to Ohio's dairy industry are manyfold.  Successful breeder, mgr, a much sought after advisor and counselor; a strong advocate of better cattle through A.I., author and lecturer; outstanding judge; one who always found time to work with youth and a devoted family man all characterize him as an outstanding individual.


Kenneth Miller*

Dairy farmer; editor; minister

Born Feb. 26, 1911 at Eldorado, Ohio.  Graduate, Monroe High School, Preble County, 1929. Married to Mabel Siler and has six children. Served as Dairy Service Tester and Manager 1947-52 in Preble County; Fieldman for Ohio Jersey Breeders Assoc. 1952-75; Editor of Ohio Jersey News 1959-75, served as a 4-H agent in Preble County 1949-51, farmed for himself and on shares for 12 years and is an ordained Baptist Minister. He organized the Ohio Junior Jersey Breeders Assoc. in 1955 and supervised formation of the Classification Program for Ohio Jerseys. Member of Dairy Shrine Club of America, Ohio Jersey Breeders Assoc., and Lifetime member of Ohio Purebred Dairy Cattle Assoc. Served as Executive Secretary of Ohio Jersey Breeders Assoc. and Sec. Ohio Purebred Dairy Cattle Assoc.


John McKitrick*

Guernsey breeder; DVM

Born February 19, 1909.  Educated at The Ohio State University, receiving the B.S. degree in 1930 and the DVM in 1933. Wilh his father Wilton McKitrick, he developed the nationally known herd of Guernsey cattle at Welcome-In Farms in Dublin, Ohio. Upon its dispersal, he developed the Welcome-In Brown Swiss herd, one of the most famous ever assembled. Dr. McKitrick is an approved judge of all breeds of dairy cattle, he served as superintendent of dairy cattle at the Ohio State Fair and the Norm American Dairy Show and contributed regularly to Hoard 's Dairyman. Dr. McKitrick was presented the OSU Distinguished Alumni Award in 1974.


Harry Barr*


Profesor and State Extension Specialist, Dept. of Dairy Science, Ohio State University since 1955. Born in Belmont Country, Ohio, graduated from Barnesville High School. In 1940 he enrolled in the College of Agriculture, OSU. Served as a combat infantryman in World War II. Reentered OSU in 1953, received B.S. in 1954, M.S. in 1955 and Ph.D. in 1960. He has been an inspiring teacher of both students and dairymen. He has made outstanding contributions to the Ohio dairy industry in many areas, including breeding, reproduction, physiology of milk secretion, and udder health.



Charles Laughton*

Milk cooperative manager


Charles Baldwin*

General Manager of Ohio Ag. Services (DHI); AI

Genera l Manager of Ohio Ag Services since November 1978. Born in Cleveland, Ohio. Graduate of Harvey High School, Painesville; B.S. 1949, OSU; M.S. 1950, OSU. Formerly associated with Central Ohio Breeding Association, Select Sires, Inc., and the American Jersey Cattle Club. Initiated and developed young sire proving programs, introduced studies on component, or equity, pricing into milk marketing, and helped to develop protein programs for cheese plants and milk producers in northeastern U.S.  Is an expert in the areas of dairy husbandry, genetics, and milk marketing.


Morris Van Gorden

Holstein breeder

Ohio dairyman, Butler County. An outstanding leader in the dairy industry at the local, state, and national level. Graduate of West Chester High School, Hamilton, Ohio, and attending OSU. Past president of Ohio Ag Services Board. He played an important role in developing the organization and forming of Ohio Ag Services, Inc. Active in National DHIA, serving as director since 1979 and vice president since 1975. Selected as an Ohio representative to Natl. Coop. DHI Prog. Coord. Group. Past president Ohio Holstein Association. Served as leader among other dairy organizations. He has devoted a lifetime to improving the dairy industry of Ohio, particularly through his association with the National Dairy Herd lmprovement Program.

*indicates deceased

Abbreviations: ADSA = American Dairy Science Association, AI = artificial insemination, COBA = Central Ohio Breeders Association, DFA = Dairy Farmers of America, DHI = Dairy Herd Improvement, MMI – Milk Marketing Incorporated, NOBA = Northern Ohio Breeders Association, OARDC = Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, USDA = United States Department of Agriculture, and VP = vice president.