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Department of Animal Sciences


Dairy Science Hall of Service: 1993-1999


Nathan Fechheimer*


Dr  Fechheimer's laboratory was the first in the world to enter into cytogenetic studies of farm animals.  He received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in the Department of Dairy Science at The Ohio State University. He began his career as an instructor in Dairy Science and continued into a full-rank professor. In 1986 he was named a Distinguished Scholar for his outstanding research contributions.  Many of his students attained distinction in human as well as animal cytogenetics. He presented invited lectures extensively throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe. Affectionately regarded as "The Intellectual" of agriculture, he was widely known throughout the campus. Recognition of his defense of academic freedom resulted in the Louis Nemzer Award at OSU in 1980 by the American Association of University Professors.  Dr  Fechheimer devoted 42 years of dedicated service toward the betterment of agriculture and the Ohio State University. His presence is greatly missed.


Alice Moore

Dairy farmer; industry leader; youth mentor

A well known industry leader, dairy producer, and youth mentor, Alice Moore has helped manage her family's 1000 acre farm for more than 33 years. Her outstanding business and community record, her promotion and representation of Ohio dairy farm families and her contributions to 4-H youth honor the integrity of this award. A graduate of Ohio State University, Moore is a former high school teacher and county extension agent. She is also a member of the Buckeye Dairy Boosters, the OSU Alumni Association, the Coshocton County Farm Bureau, and a 4-H advisor for 27 years. Alice Moore has been a life-long educator, participator, promoter and leader of the Ohio dairy industry  She continues to actively serve the industry and those who rely on its prosperity. She knows agriculture, understands the issues and challenges ahead and continues to play a vital role in promoting the future of agriculture.


Robert Jacobson


Bob Jacobson was born in Rockford, Illinois. He completed his B.S. in Agriculture in 1953 at the University of Illinois, Urbana. After serving in the U.S. Army with the U.S. Eighth Army Military Intelligence, he returned to the University of Illinois for his M.S. and Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics. Dr. Jacobson came to The Ohio State University in 1964 with responsibilities primarily in dairy marketing in research, teaching and extension. He is an outstanding teacher and has a special enthusiasm about his teaching accomplishments. Commanding respect among the dairy farmers of Ohio, he has extended his teaching role in a major series of Dairy Pricing-Procurement Workshops throughout the United States. Dr. Jacobson retired from The Ohio State University in February 1992 but has continued to maintain an active role as an educator.


Paul Ramsey

Dairy farmer; Holstein breeder

A well known state and national industry leader, and long time dairy producer, Paul Ramsey operates a 300-cow dairy farm with his sons. Paul serves on the board of directors at Milk Marketing, Inc., is a board member of Mid East United Dairy industry Association, and represents fellow farmers on the National United Dairy Industry Association. He serves on the boards of numerous other organizations including community organizations. Paul Ramsey has a strong business sense, knowledge of agricutlure, dairying, and dairy cattle breeding. He and his wife, Catherine, reside in Louisville, OH and are the parents of 5 children, 4 sons and 1 daugher.


Esther Welch

Agricultural journalist; industry leader; youth mentor

Seeing, hearing and telling the stories of the dairy industry have been the hallmarks of the career of Esther Welch.  A well known journalist in her community and in dairy circles, Esther is currently the editor of the Ohio Holstein news.  She emphasizes positive relationships between rural and urban communities and has been a life-long promoter of agricultural and dairy products, always speaking out on their behalf in person or with the written word.  Esther has inspired and encouraged many young people as they pursued their careers in the dairy industry. She and her husband, Eugene, reside in Polk, Ohio and have three children, two daughters and a son.


John Lindamood

Educator; Ext. Specialist

For over 40 years, John Lindamood has served the dairy industry. He is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. He is well known throughout the state of Ohio and the United States for his willingness to serve the dairy industry. He served as one of OSU's principal sources of scientific and technical information on the production of quality milk and the processing and manufacture of milk and milk products in Ohio and nationally for milk producers, field service personnel, county agents, and dairy plant personnel. He has served as a principal contact for current graduates and alumni seeking employment. He was an excellent teacher and advisor at The Ohio State University. He and his wife, Ella Mae, have one daughter, Dr. Sherie Ann Lindamood.


Wayne Sliker

Brown Swiss breeder; sale manager

There are those who are excellent cow "men" and have nationally recognized herds. There are several men who have successful sales management organizations, and there are a number of people in the dairy industry who are internationally recognized judges...what is unique is that Wayne Sliker has accomplished all of these things. Wayne has a rare combination of talent, both as a dairyman and as a businessman, determination, and skills to accomplish whatever he sets out to do. Both the dairy industry of Ohio and the Brown Swiss Breed benefit from his many achievements. Wayne and his wife, Constance reside in St. Paris, OH and have one son, Kevin. The Top Acres herd is truly one of the elite herds of the Brown Swiss breed.


Dan Andreas

Dairy farmer; teacher

Following the philosophy that PROFIT = EFFICIENCY x VOLUME. ANDREAS Farms has grown steadily over the past thirty years, and has emerged as a pacesetter among Ohio's dairies. Dan is president of Andreas Farms, Inc. a family corporation near Sugar Creek OH. With his brother Bill, he is the fifth generation since John Andreas emigrated from Berkin Switzerland and purchased the original homestead in 1881. Dan holds two Bachelor degrees from OSU, one in Education and the other in Animal Science. He obtained his MS degree in Guidance and Counseling. He was a chemistry teacher and coach for freshman and junior varsity basketball before returning to the farm.  Dan and his wife, Lois, have two sons, Matt and Jason.


Carl Ayers

Dairy farmer

A well known innovator and early adopter of technology, Carl Ayers from Loudonville, Ohio, operates a 380 Holstein cow dairy in full partnership with his brother Steve.  The Ayers brothers are known for their innovations in hay ammoniation, utilization of by-products in dairy rations, building designs, use of sand bedding, design of specialized equipment, and tail docking. Carl is a strong supporter of the reasearch and extension programs of The Ohio State University and is a positive influence on the future of Ohio's dairy industry. Those who know Carl, know that he is a man of integrity and honesty, and that he possesses a strong work ethic. Carl, and his wife Janet have two children, Shane and Kathy.


John and Bonnie Ayars

Dairy farmers; teachers; industry servants

Teamwork. a perfect definition and example of John and Bonnie Ayars. For many years they have worked together to earn their livelihood milking cows, to raise their family of three boys and to serve the dairy industry by concentrating on its youth.  As Land of Living Farm, John and Bonnie operate the 1200 acres, mostly corn, beans and hay, but always dairy cows.  Their sentiments are with Guernseys, but John has had a commercial herd of Holsteins and other enterprises with Jerseys, Brown Swiss and Ayrshires at various times. John and Bonnie were both teachers in the public schools. John's B.S., degree from The Ohio State University is in Ag Ed and Bonnie's is in Home Ec. Bonnie is now a coordinator of the Graduation, Reality and Dual Role Skills program for six schools in the vocational planning district.  John and Bonnie describe their farm as "unique and different with creative management".  That seems to sum them up pretty well, as a couple who have contributed much to the future of Ohio and the nation's dairy industry.


Glen Schmidt

Educator; Chair Dept. of Dairy Science

Glen Schmidt came to The Ohio State University in 1974 from Cornell University to be Chair of the Dairy Science Department, a position he held unitl 1984. During his tenure as Chair of Dairy Science he led the formation of the Ohio Dairy Farmers Federation and the establishment of the check off program to finance dairy research and extension activities. During this time, there were significant growths in the budgets of the department for both research and extension programs. He returned to the faculty and remained in the department until 1990 when he was named Chair of the Animal Science Department. Glen retired from the university in 1994 but remained on active status through winter quarter 1999, sharing the teaching responsibilties for the popular animal issues class. He and his wife Beverly reside in Columbus and have 5 children and five grandchildren.

*indicates deceased

Abbreviations: ADSA = American Dairy Science Association, AI = artificial insemination, COBA = Central Ohio Breeders Association, DFA = Dairy Farmers of America, DHI = Dairy Herd Improvement, MMI – Milk Marketing Incorporated, NOBA = Northern Ohio Breeders Association, OARDC = Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, USDA = United States Department of Agriculture, and VP = vice president.