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ASI Award Recipients

Jan. 29, 2013

American Sheep Industry (ASI) presents National Awards to Ohio Sheep Farmers ASI Camptender Award presented to Dr. Charles Parker of Columbus, OH During the 2013 American Sheep Industry Convention in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Charles Parker was awarded the ASI Camptender Award for his extensive work with the U.S. Sheep Industry. Dr. Charles Parker has worked as an educator, scientist, industry leader, promoter, and visionary for the past 50 years. Parker focused his research at the Ohio Ag Research Station in intensive management systems and genetic selection for reproductive growth efficiencies, his work then continued as the director of research at the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station in Idaho.  He has been a leader and mentor to numerous animal science professors and industry leaders throughout his career.  Many Ohioans will also recognize Dr. Parker as Chair of the OSU Animal Sciences Department in the late 1980’s.  Dr. Parker continues to live in the Columbus, OH area and continues to be a resource for many sheep industry related groups across the United States. ASI Environmental Stewardship Award presented to Steffee Farms of Muskingum County At the 2013 American Sheep Industry Convention held in San Antonio, TX, Steffee Farms was presented with the ASI Environmental Stewardship Award. Steffee Farms has been an innovator in the area of environmental stewardship.  The farm has been awarded the Muskingum County Resources Conservation award and the Steffee’s have been recognized for their work by the Ohio Livestock Coalition and the Ohio Sheep Improvement Association.    They have been able to successfully integrate many practices on their farm to help protect the soil, water, and air.  The farm is located in Muskingum County and is managed by Francis and Shirley Steffee. Two other ASI sponsored awards were handed out at the ASI Convention: Florence Cubiburu, California received the McClure Silver Ram Award and Wallace Sinclair, Maine received the Shepherd’s Award for Media Award. The Ohio Sheep Improvement Association congratulates Steffee Farms, Francis and Shirley Steffee and Dr. Charles Parker for their award recognition at the American Sheep Industry Convention. Photos courtesy of Roger A. High. ♦ ♦ ♦ Dr. Charles Parker is an alumnus and emeritus of the department. Listen to a Brownfield Ag News for America interview with Dr. Parker: Listen to a Brownfield interview with the Steffees: