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Denman Winners Announced

March 29, 2013

The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum was held March 28 at RPAC. Those representing Animal Sciences are listed below. Winners are marked in bold. Congratulations Elizabeth Share (Adv. K. Cole, J.M. Reddish), Leanne Diese (Adv. J. Firkins), Chelsea O'Diam (Adv. K. Daniels), and Stephen Firkins (Adv. V. Gopalan and T. Ezeji)! Agriculture/Environmental Science The Effect of Source of Forage and Level on Feed Intake and Diet Digestibility in Redbros Presenter(s): Darlene Bloxham Advisor(s):     Michael Lilburn Expression of Decorin, Ki67, Transforming Growth Factor β1, and Its Receptor in Prepubertal Bovine Mammary Tissue Presenter(s): Paula Chen Advisor(s):     Kristy Daniels, Kellie O'Diam The Relationship of Milk Urea Nitrogen to Blood Urea Nitrogen in Quarter Horse Mares Presenter(s): Chelsea Ciambrone Advisor(s):     Kimberly Cole Identifying Gaps in Ohio's Beef Supply Chain Presenter(s): Sandra DePue Advisor(s):     Henry Zerby, Francis Fluharty Determining Maintenance Energy Requirements of Rumen Protozoa to Improve Ruminant Livestock Feed Efficiency (2nd place tie) Presenter(s): Leanne Diese Advisor(s):     Jeffrey Firkins Orthologous Gene Analysis of Percid Muscle Transcription Factors Presenter(s): Maggie Dugan Advisor(s):     Macdonald Wick, Konrad Dabrowski (Environment and Natural Resources) Variation in Milk Production within Dairy Herds Presenter(s): Sarah Finney Advisor(s):     Maurice Eastridge Climate Change Effects on Spawning Phenology in a Coolwater Fish, the Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) Presenter(s): Breanna Humbarger Advisor(s):     Elizabeth Marschall (Arts and Sciences - Natural and Mathematical Sciences) Effects of Dietary Yeast Supplementation on Microflora in the Gastrointestinal Tracts of Horses Presenter(s): Yasmine Jackson Advisor(s):     Kimberly Cole, John Mark Reddish Development of a Double Antigen Tetanus ELISA for use in Horses Presenter(s): Mallory Kanwal Advisor(s):     Kimberly Cole Methods for Measurement of Reserve Carbohydrate for Mixed Rumen Microbes Presenter(s): Bethany Keyser Advisor(s):     Jeffrey Firkins Impact of Low Sodium Treatment and RAC Diet on Meat Quality Characteristics of Berkshires Presenter(s): Carissa Klanseck Advisor(s):     Dustin Boler Effects of Dietary Yeast Supplementation on Serum IgG(T) Concentrations in Quarter Horse Mares Presenter(s): Kelsey Koke Advisor(s):     Kimberly Cole, John Mark Reddish Effects of Dietary Sulfur Source on Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Concentrations in Feedlot Lambs Presenter(s): Chloe Long Advisor(s):     Steve Loerch The Effect of Sex on Performance, Ultrasonic Measurements, and Carcass Characteristics of Purebred Berkshire Pigs Exhibited at the National Barrow Show Presenter(s): Kyle Nickles Advisor(s):     Dustin Boler Effects of Plane of Nutrition and Age on Body Composition of Holstein Steers (3rd place tie) Presenter(s): Chelsea O'Diam Advisor(s):     Kristy Daniels Bacterial Counts in Recycled Manure Solids Used as a Deep Pack or Mattress Covering in a Dairy Freestall Housing System Presenter(s): Caleigh Payne Advisor(s):     Joseph Hogan The Effect of Probiotics on the Incidence of Salmonella in Commercial Broilers Presenter(s): Allison Pullin Advisor(s):     Kimberly Cole, John Mark Reddish Effects of Maternal Dietary Yeast Supplementation during Late Gestation and Early Lactation on Foal Growth and Development from Birth to Weaning (1st place tie) Presenter(s): Elizabeth Share Advisor(s):     Kimberly Cole, John Mark Reddish Housing System May Effect Calf Behavior and Performance of Jersey Heifer Calves Presenter(s): Sarah Swartzwelder Advisor(s):     Maurice Eastridge Effects of Melatonin on Stallion Sperm Motility and Viability In Vitro Presenter(s): Amy Trabold Advisor(s):     Kimberly Cole, John Mark Reddish Biological Sciences Biochemical Characterization of 6-phospho-β-glucosidases to Gain Insights into Cellobiose Utilization by Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 8052 (1st place tie) Presenter(s): Stephen Firkins Advisor(s):     Venkat Gopalan (Arts and Sciences - Natural and Mathematical Sciences), Thaddeus Ezeji (Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences) Business/Education/Speech & Hearing The Relationship between Exam Completion Time and Exam Performance in an Introductory Animal Sciences Course Presenter(s): Leah McDannell Advisor(s):     Pasha Lyvers-Peffer Health Professions - Clinical A Retrospective Study of Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy Cases in Canines with Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture Presenter(s): Christina Montalbano Advisor(s):     Jennifer Au (Veterinary Medicine) Health Professions - Laboratory / Cellular The Role of Myoferlin in the Differentiation and Multinucleation of Osteoclasts Presenter(s): Lauren Savage Advisor(s):     Beth Lee (Medicine), Brooke McMichael (Medicine) Social and Behavioral Sciences Effects of a Preadoption Pamphlet on the Success of Canine Adoption Presenter(s): Margaret O'Brian Advisor(s):     Meghan Herron (Veterinary Medicine), Kristie Sigler (Arts and Sciences - Social and Behavioral Sciences)