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Little International 2013

April 22, 2013

The little International was held Saturday, April 20. Despite the near freezing temperature and gusty wind, students diligently carried out their showmanship responsibilities with smiling faces. The warmth of family and friends looking on helped to make the day a success. The day's activities started at the Don Scott farms and finished on main campus. This was the "Little I's" 99th event, brought to you by Saddle and Sirloin Club. Saddle and Sirloin at The Ohio State University is celebrating 102 years of tradition since its founding in February 1911 as the first college organization of its kind. Special Awards:

  • Saddle & Sirloin Uncles: Dr. Dustin Boler and Mr. Ron Cramer. From the program: "Dr. Dustin Boler has served as an advisor for 2 years taking on numerous responsibilities such as helping with farm Science Review, Lamb Show, and Little I. Along with being respected by students and staff members, you can always count on his sense of humor, outgoing personality, and encouraging advice. One of his favorite S&S activities is participating in and developing creative, top secret recipes for the ham curing contest. He has been a true asset to not only the club, but the department and we are thankful for his time, dedication and support. Mr. Ron Cramer serves as the Meat Lab Manager and has been a valuable asset within the Ham & Corned Beef contest over the years. Ron dedicates his time to help students and staff members with curing and cooking their products along with developing their labels. Additionally, this year he assisted the Meat Science Club with the preparation of the pulled pork and brisket for the Little I banquet. Ron's generosity, wisdom, and friendly personality are highly looked upon within the club and department and we are greatly appreciative of his endless support and dedication."
  • Honorary Member: Dave Howell. From the program: "David Howell is a full-time farmer from Danville, OH. In addition to caring for his 2 kids (Linsey & Justin) Dave is kept busy with their diversified grain & livestock operation. Somehow he still found time to donate to the club and played a key role in the running of the lamb show. Dave used his knowledge of getting his own kids to the ring on time to persevere through every class and organize the make-up area, keeping the show running smoothly. Thank you for all your help David."
  • Little I King and Queen: Trey Miller and Molly Wickham. Court: Lauren Fehlan, Bailey Harsh, Linsey Howell, Katie Mohr, Augustus Bonham, Jake Boyert, Ryan Edgington, Jeff Lewis.
  • Steeb Award: Delanie Wiseman

Results: Horse - Experienced: 1. Jessica Wheeler 2. Deanna Frediks Horse - Inexperienced: 1. Michelle Kohli 2. Dana Stucke Swine - Experienced: 1. Delanie Wiseman 2. Brady Campbell Swine - Inexperienced: 1. Hannah Mills 2. Hannah Slykerman Sheep - Experienced: 1. Mark Wallen 2. Cierra Jordan Sheep - Inexperienced: 1. Jordan Bonham 2. Elizabeth Polley Beef - Experienced: 1. Justin Bachman 2. Jake Ruffing Beef - Inexperienced: 1. Larissa Hileman 2. Laura Groshe Sheep Lead Class: 1. Linsey Howell 2. Molly Wickham Ham Contest:1. Brandon Klehm 2. Meat Science Club Corned Beef Contest: 1. Eric Pitcher 2. Paige Guenther This year's Little I Co-chairs were

  • Paige Guenther
  • Kelly Guthrie

Officers and Committee Chairs included

  • President: Bailey Harsh
  • Vice President: Trey Miller
  • Council Rep: Cassey Pierce
  • Secretary: Linsey Howell
  • Treasurer: Jacob Ruffing
  • Awards: Lindsey Riedlinger
  • Community Service: Andrew Cavinee
  • FSR VP Luncheon: Stacie Seger, Sara Boyle
  • Farm Science Review: Lindsey Grimes, Chelsea O'Diam, Nick Wright
  • Social: Ryan Edgintgon
  • Programming: Caleigh Payne
  • Goat Show: Caleb Westfall
  • Hog Show: Jessica Rose, Garth Ruff
  • Judging Contest: Kayla Hinds
  • Lamb Show: Logan Morris, Lydia Uhlrey
  • Scrapbook: Molly Wickham
  • Little I & Corned Beef: Paige Guenther, Kelly Guthrie
  • Membership: Erin Rife
  • National Convention: Lauren Fehlan
  • Steer Show: Lauren Fehlan, Kalya Hinds
  • Public Relations: Maddie Moffatt

Advisers of Saddle and Sirloin include

  • Dr. Dustin Boler
  • Dr. Stephen Boyles
  • Mr. Kyle Culp
  • Mr. Gregg Fogle.