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Meat Class Presents Final Projects

Nov. 29, 2012

The Processed Meats class (MEATSCI 4510) presented their final projects this morning. Visitors and judges were treated to a variety of meat products, including items with names like "Cramerlicious Bacon", "Spicy Sausage Pancake Poppers", and "Spicy Buffalo Chicken Breast". I think the judges can all agree that each product was a treat worth tasting. The feedback from this event will be factored into the students' final grades. The course is a 3-credit course co-taught by Dr. Macdonald Wick and Dr. Henry Zerby. In addition, experts like Meat Lab Manager Ron Cramer and representatives from industries like Cargill and phosphate companies guest lecture on occasion about how to use ingredients. Most of the class involves learning how to work in the meat lab, how to use the machines in the lab, and how to properly clean the lab. In addition students explore the fundamental changes in soft animal tissues from comminution and application of non-meat ingredients and variety of cooking methodologies to enhance palatability and value. The event today involved pairs of students who came up with and presented products that they made themselves. Along with their product they had to make sure it was properly labeled and prepared from USDA-inspected food products. They also had to come up with a safety plan and with a marketing plan, including advertising