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Office of Student Life - University Housing Award Ceremony

April 16, 2013
The Office of Student Life - University Housing Award Ceremony for faculty involvement in student life was held on Friday, April 12. Below is a list of the recipients. Outstanding Faculty Program: was presented to Dr. Lynn Knipe [third from right in photo above] and Mr. Jacob Farr from Food Science and Technology for the student program “Comparing Grass versus Conventional Fed Beef”. This program is an excellent example of student-faculty interaction which is a hallmark of CFAES. The program was open to all students from the Norton-Scott-Archer-Neilwood Gables complex so many student participants have limited experience with agriculture production.  Dr. Knipe used this educational opportunity to present a balanced overview of beef production and meat quality for grass and conventional production systems. To enhance student engagement, Dr. Knipe used a real-time online polling system to obtain students responses to each meat quality characteristic as he explained it to them and eventually for their preferred choice of their dining experience.  At the end of the presentation and meal, the results were presented to participants and students were able to share their experience with their peers. Mr. Farr, a Food Science major who is a resident assistant in Norton House Living-Learning Community, coordinated with dining services to secure the two sources of meat and with the chefs to ensure the test was as unbiased as possible. Mr. Farr, a junior who intends to continue his graduate education at Ohio State and recently presented his undergraduate research at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, did an outstanding job of organizing this educational event which embodies the purpose of the Norton House Living-Learning Community. Outstanding Service to the Academic Initiative Committee: was received by Dr. Mary Kay Pohlschneider for her continued service to student programing that emphasizes educational activities in all living-learning communities at Ohio State. She provides input to university academic goals, and makes significant contributions to student programs. Her educational Chocolate Tasting Programs are always highly informative with students packing room. In the words of one resident director, “Dr. Pohlschneider wowed her audience by instructing residents on how to properly taste different varieties of chocolate. She encouraged us to use as many senses as we could to capture the essence of the treat.” The impact of her efforts result in new students enrolling in food science courses from other colleges at Ohio State extending the influence of CFAES faculty and staff. Outstanding Achievement in Faculty Involvement: was presented to Norton-Scott-Archer-Neilwood Gables staff, Ms. Jen Shields, Ms. Erin Hummeldorf and Mr. Paul Heimberger on behalf of who diligently contributed to engage faculty in student programs in the complex. These individuals coordinated with over 15 CFAES faculty and staff to develop 19 thematic programs to educate students from all majors of critical issues of food, agriculture and environmental science. The partnership between CFAES and the Office of Student Life – University Housing cultivates a climate of student success by empowering students to engage and develop their leadership skills. Outstanding Student Mentor: was presented to Dr. Jeff Hattey for enhancing mentoring opportunities for faculty and peers.