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Ohio State First-time Recognition at Stockman Contest

Oct. 24, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State University Livestock Judging Team had students recognized for finishing in the top ten of a division for the first time under the direction of Coach Kyle Culp, on Oct. 20, at the Stockman Judging Contest, held at the Dekalb County Fairgrounds in Auburn, Ind. Ohio State was among 12 university teams and over 100 students that competed this past weekend. Students judged classes of sheep, swine and cattle and then presented oral reasons on select classes to affirm their placings of each class. Team members at the Stockman contest included Nate Benich, Plymouth, Ohio, Jake Boyert, Seville, Ohio, Lindsey Grimes, Hillsboro, Ohio, Bailey Harsh, Radnor, Ohio, Linsey Howell, Danville, Ohio, Trey Miller, Baltimore, Ohio, Audrey Neal, Tiffin, Ohio, Kyle Nickles, Loudonville, Ohio, and Nick Wright, Brookville, Ohio. Leaders of the team included Nickles placing second in sheep and eighth in reasons, Miller placing third in swine, Neal placing third in sheep and Grimes placing seventh in swine. OSU Livestock Judging coach Kyle Culp acknowledged the hard work the students put forth to be recognized at the Stockman. “I was very excited to have students called out for the top ten in swine, sheep and reasons,” Culp said.  “Don’t get me wrong, I am not satisfied with not having at least one student in the top ten overall. But this was a first time any students at OSU have been mentioned at this contest since I have been here and I am proud of the students’ efforts.” Culp now knows what the team members must focus on to improve for upcoming events. “I think we have isolated where we need to improve the most and still have time to improve before heading to Kansas City. So, I’m expecting to continue making strides through the end of the year,” Culp said. For more information about the OSU Livestock Judging Team, please contact Kyle Culp at or 614-292-2201.