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Ohio State Livestock Judging Team holds practice for youth

Oct. 3, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State Livestock Judging Team held the first Buckeye Classic Livestock Judging Workout on Sept. 22 at OSU Don Scott Farms to help high school students prepare for upcoming competitions. The event hosted approximately 60 high school and college students to practice evaluating live animals for upcoming competitions. High school students represented 4-H and FFA teams and collegiate students were current juniors and seniors at OSU. Participating teams included: Sheridan FFA, Miami Trace FFA, Eastwood FFA and Wood County 4-H, Delaware County 4-H, Portage County 4-H and Ohio 4-H. In addition to participating students, 15 volunteers organized and assisted at the event.  This allowed the students to present oral reasons to 6 reasons listeners that provided feedback for how to improve their oral communication skills, and to keep the event running in a timely fashion. Culp was excited to see all of the students come out to prepare for their upcoming contests. He knows from previous experiences that all help and preparations come in handy when looking forward to large state, regional and national competitions. The OSU team would like to thank all of the volunteers that helped with the event: Don Scott Farms personnel, Gregg Fogle, Dr. Marty Mussard, Ken Mays and Larry Warnock, as well as, all of the OSU students that work at the farms; Dr. Tom and Susie Turner for an outstanding class of haltered Shorthorn heifers; reasons listeners, Dr. Aaron Arnett, Dan Frobose, Greg Meyer, Ben Bohrer, Caitlin Bushman and Stephanie Sindel; referee official and reasons coordinator, Ashley Culp; lunch and reasons coordinator, Dr. Dustin Boler; and results coordinators, Stephen Heppe and Dan Tronge. The judging team wishes all student teams good luck in their upcoming competitions and hopes they will join them in other events in the future. For more information about the OSU Livestock Judging Team, please contact Kyle Culp at or 614-247-8976.