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April 20th: Pork Prospect Leadership Event

Embark on a journey of discovery with PorkProspect: Nurturing Talent for a Sustainable Swine Industry. Our program is tailored for both high school students and undergraduates, offering an exciting opportunity to explore the dynamic field of swine production and career opportunities in the swine industry. Through engaging activities like Swine Discovery Day you will learn more about swine production, engage with professionals from several areas of the swine industry, and have hands on experience! All of that will be accompanied by a cool exclusive t-shirt and a certificate! For the top 5 most enthusiastic participants, an exclusive deeper training – Swine Bootcamp – with all expenses covered, along with a $500 award.

Join us Saturday, April 20th 2024 for the first Swine Discovery Day. Registration is now open, with limited spaces available.

Partnering with top universities and industry leaders, we're driving sustainable change in swine production. Join us on this exciting journey to become the future of the swine industry.

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