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Department of Animal Sciences


Animal Sciences

Gut Microbiology

A study of the major microorganisms of the gastrointestinal tract of animals and humans, their microbial metabolism and functions, interactions with each other and with hosts, and impact on host nutrition and health. Prereq: Micrbio 4000.01 or 4000.02 or 4100, and Biochem 4511, and GPA 2.0 or above in Biochem and Micrbio coursework; or permission of instructor.

Scotland's Ruminants

First course in a two-course series (2400.04 & 3797.04) designed to give students an appreciation for how world history, government, geography, and infrastructure can impact the small ruminant production and animal health & welfare within a society. Concur: 3797.04.

Advanced Nutritional Genomics

The primary goal of the course is to stimulate critical thinking and discussion among graduate students about current research findings in the areas of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics as they apply to studies in the nutritional sciences. Prereq: 7761 and 7762; or HumnNtr 7761 and 7762. Cross-listed in HumnNtr.


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