Animal Sciences

Branded Meat Products

Integration of multiple factors influencing value-added product development including: raw material quality and procurement, processing, packaging, distribution, and complexity of market development and current consumer trends in niche marketing. Prereq: 3110, 355.01, or MeatSci 3110; and completion of a second writing course. Not open to students with credit for 555.03 or MeatSci 5810. Cross-listed in MeatSci.

Exotic Animal Behavior and Welfare

Exposes students to behavior, welfare, and health conditions of food production and exotic animals found in South Africa. This is a short-term study abroad course that will include visits to a range of animal systems: intensive production, open-range, semi-contained, sanctuaries, and zoo settings. The class activities take place primarily in field settings. Prereq: 5400.01.

Animal Production Systems in Diverse Environments in Australia

Part of the long-term study abroad program in Australia. It will investigate animal production systems including: comparing production practices, economic issues and environmental constraints between Australia and the United States. Prereq: 3130 (330), and 3140 (310) or 3140H (310H), and 3150 (320), and permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 697.02.

Equine Assisted Therapy

A variety of approaches, therapeutic settings and client populations will be addressed with an emphasis on equine behavior and body language. Students will gain experience in the development and practical application of an equine assisted therapy program.


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