Meat Science

Introductory Meat Science

Analysis of the principles of meat science as related to meat animal value factors, processing technology, and merchandising systems affecting the producer, processor, and consumer. Prereq: Biology 1101 or 1113. Not open to students with credit for AnimSci 3110. Cross-listed in AnimSci.

Bar-B-Que Science

Investigating methods to prepare various meat products. Students will gain experience in matching proper cooking methods with different muscles to produce wholesome and palatable products. Students will be introduced to product sensory techniques.

Processed Meats

Exploring fundamental changes in soft animal tissues resulting from comminution and application of non-meat ingredients and a variety of cooking methodologies to enhance palatability and value. Prereq or concur: 3110, AnimSci 3110, or FdScTe 2400. Not open to students with credit for AnimSci 555.02.


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