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*NEW* Pet Food Nutrition Course offered SP23

If you’re looking for a great animal science elective for spring term, consider adding our new Pet Food Nutrition course!  See flier attached and information below.

ANIMSCI 4035 – Pet Food Nutrition (3 credits)

MWF 9:10 – 10:05, full semester

Team instruction by Animal Sciences and Food Science

Description: The scientific principles and physical process of producing pet food, from concept through manufacture to reaching the consumer, while building on animal physiology and nutrition foundations. This course provides in person lectures, field trip experience, and peer evaluations to provide exposure to multiple career paths, including veterinary medicine, animal and nutrition industries, and research.

  • Prereq: ANIM SCI 3140 or EEOB 2520; and ANIM SCI 3130 or HumnNtr 2210; and 3133, FdScTe 2400, or 3400; and AEDEcon 2001 or Econ 2001.