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Department of Animal Sciences


IACUC Protocol Training and Information

May 11, 2016, 1:00pm - 2:30pm
AS212 and FAHRP conference room
Justin Kieffer

Drs. Justin Kieffer and Juliette Hanson and IACUC staff presenting:

-a brief tutorial of the E-Protocol system, and what they look for when protocols are submitted to their office
-some of the common questions about IBC protocols and EHS requirements when doing studies
-when protocols are needed, animal housing, vet review of protocols, communication, animal numbers reporting, experience and training narratives, and consequences of being off-protocol

All faculty and staff who are involved in research or teaching IACUC protocols are invited to come to the seminar. This seminar is especially geared toward new faculty in Animal Sciences who are working with live animals, as well as some of our friends in Veterinary Preventive Medicine who also utilize our farms. Our aim is to explain the process and regulations around protocols to make the system easier for you understand and to help clear up any lingering questions or concerns you may have.