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Livestock Judging Camp

The Ohio State University Livestock Judging team is once again hosting a Livestock Judging Camp for any youth who are interested in becoming more successful at judging livestock animals, and giving oral reasons. At the camp, participants will learn how to evaluate the animals, take notes, and then present oral reasons. We will go over everything step by step, so it will be a learning process. On the last day, we will hold a mock contest, with prizes and recognition. There will be food, lodging, and different activities that are provided when attending (See flyer for more details). Just as it was offered last year,  all youth who are eligible to show in 4H are eligible to attend! Those involved are incredibly excited to share their knowledge with the younger generations. The goal is to get kids excited about agriculture, by teaching them in a fun, encouraging manner.  We really hope that you as a youth will consider attending, or consider letting your children attend because it will be an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Registration is due May 15th!!! Click on the image below for a printable form.
If you have any questions please contact Hank LeVan at

Livestock Judging Registration