4-H and Youth Programs

Livestock and Dairy 4-H and Youth Programs

Website: ohio4h.org/statewide-programs/animal-sciences

Ms. Bonnie Ayars volunteers to organize a number of activities around the state involving youth in dairy projects and including a program for dairy cattle evaluation and a large contest associated withGovernor John Kasich presents Mr. John Steinberger with an award for 39 years of service as an announcer at the Ohio State Fair Junior Horse Show. the Dairy Expo in the spring. Dr. Steve Moeller, Dr. Lyda Garcia and Mr. Roger High are involved with various livestock youth activities, including a number of activities at the Ohio State Fair.

Associated Department of Animal Sciences faculty and staff

4-H Horse Team

Website: ohio4h.org/statewide-programs/animal-sciences/horse

The Horse Team provides a wide range of 4-H horse programmatic endeavors, including horse show activities; contests, including groom & clean, horse bowl, photography, public speaking, and presentation contests;
hippology clinics; competitive trail rides; skillathons; etc.

Associated Department of Animal Sciences faculty and staff members

4-H Poultry Youth Extension Team

Website: ohio4h.org/statewide-programs/animal-sciences/poultry

The team provides leadership for youth poultry activities at the Ohio State Fair and provides oversight of general poultry youth Extension activities. The team also maintains the 4-H poultry website, conducts 4-H Lunch and Learn sessions, and works with the State Poultry Judging Competitions and the Ohio Avian Bowl Competition.

Bi State Poultry Youth Clinic

The Ohio-Michigan State Poultry Youth Clinics' purpose is to expose new and experienced 4-H youth and their parents to the science and opportunities that exist in the realm of poultry science. The clinic program each year is organized by a committee composed of Ohio State personnel Mike Lilburn along with Bill Karcher, a long-time Ohio 4-H poultry volunteer. 

Topics include areas like necropsy and anatomy, poultry diseases, poultry showing, turkeys, poultry management at onset of egg production, and starting a small flock business.

Associated Department of Animal Sciences faculty and staff members