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Animal sciences include the study of animal physiology, nutrition, genetics, health, management, production, behavior, well-being, and more. The species of animal studied can range from food animals like beef cattle, pigs, and chickens to companion animals like dogs, cats, and hampsters. But animal sciences is even more than that. It can encompass those same study topics for exotic or wild animals. It can even include humans and how we relate to and use animals. And of course horses are a common focus in the animal sciences.

If you are interested in animals but don't know how to integrate them into a career, then stop by and let's talk!

Browse our website to learn more about the Department of Animal Sciences at The Ohio State University:

Majors, Minors, and Certifications

We offer five major options within animal sciences:

  1. B.S. in Agriculture with a major in Animal Sciences and a specialization in Animal Biosciences (consider if you want to pursue professional or graduate school)
  2. B.S. in Agriculture with a major in Animal Sciences and a specialization in Animal Industries
  3. B.S. in Agriculture with a major in Animal Sciences and a specialization in Veterinary Technology
  4. B.S. in Agriculture with a major in Meat Science
  5. B.S. in Nutrition with a major in Animal Sciences (consider if you want to pursue professional or graduate school)

In addition, you will be required to complete at least one minor.

The department also offers a Dairy Certificate.

Click here to visit our Degree Options page for a helpful chart and downloadable files about each major and minor.

Also, review our Areas of Interest pages for more information about paths you might consider.

Professional Development

Your career begins now. As you plan your academic years, don't forget that college is more than classes and tests. The Department of Animal Sciences offers many opportunities to enhance your educational endeavors with networking, experiences, personal development, and job search skills.

We have provided a Professional Development page (click here) to guide you through the opportunities you can have through the Department of Animal Sciences.

Study Abroad

Study abroad is so much more than a trip to a foreign country. These experiences often start here with classes and/or activities in Ohio and then progress to the country(ies) of focus where you will observe, participate in, and study aspects of the region and culture. You can learn about trips that concentrate on some aspect of animal science by clicking here to visit our Study Abroad page. In addition you will find links to information about trips that concentrate on other aspects of agriculture or natural resources (CFAES) as well as trips that have some other motivation (OSU).


Undergraduate research is an option you may very well want to pursue. Research takes you beyond the classroom and puts you into scientific exploration. Plus, you get to work with faculty members, research staff, and graduate students, and you can have the opportunity to present the results of your research at various outlets in and outside the university. Learn more about undergraduate research in the Department of Animal Sciences by clicking here.

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences also offers some great information. Click here to learn more.


Co-curricular Activities

In the Department of Animal Sciences you have the opportunity to participate in a number of co-curricular activities that will challenge you and that will often allow you the chance to travel to other universities or meetings. From the Academic Quadrathlon to various judging teams to the Dairy Challenge, you are sure to find something that interests you. And, if you can't decide, note that many students participate on more than one team during their time at The Ohio State University! Click here to read more.

Extra-curricular Activities

Believe it or not, social activities are an important part of your academic experience. Various clubs and organizations are good links to other students who have similar interests as well as a chance to meet people of different backgrounds and goals. These groups also can be networking opportunities that may be helpful for your career goals or just your general interests. Most groups sponsor or get involved in various activities in addition to their regular meetings. Click here to learn more about clubs and organizations.