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Kunkle Award

Jerad JaborekCongratulations to the 2019 L.E. Kunkle Award winner, Alex Tebbe. This award is given to an outstanding graduate student in recognition of valuable contributions to the Graduate Program in Animal Sciences. The recognition is in the form of a permanent plaque engraved with the name of the recipient and in a personal plaque for the recipient. The sons of L.E. Kunkle chose to honor their father by providing this award in his name.

The following students have received the Kunkle Award.

1975 Keith Irvin 2003 Christopher R. Burke
1976 Husnu Yusuf Gokalp 2004 Claudio Ribeiro
1977 Richard D. Cassidy 2005 John Sylvester
1978 William H. Mast 2006 Milton Gorocica
1979 Edward W. Mills 2007 Michael Scott Updike
1980 Johnathan Goodson 2008 Daniel Poole
1981 Richard G. Shield, Jr. 2009 Amy Radunz
1982 Carol S Pierson 2010 Tara Felix
1982 Diane M. Sharkey 2011 Sara Crawford
1983 Darrell L. Wilkes 2012 Matthew Utt
1984 Daniel L. Uher 2013 Michael Cressman
1984 Debra A. Knight 2014 Jessica Pempek
1985 Paul F. Maxson 2015 Bo Harstine
1986 Glenn A. Peterson 2016 Matthew Faulkner
1987 Cheryl D. Spencer 2017 Stephanie Hutsko
1988 Michael Bishop 2018 Jerad Jaborek
1989 David M Greene 2019 Alex Tebbe
1990 Elizabeth A. Newton    
1991 Ricardo Rodriquez    
1991 Norma Pensel    
1992 Stanton L. Boyce    
1993 Francis Fluharty    
1994 Pero Dimsoski    
1995 David Stick    
1996 Les Anderson    
1997 Stacy Kacierk    
1998 Bradley S. Oldick