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MS and PhD Programs

The core and strength of our program lies in the diversity of our students, distinguished faculty, and joint-international programs.

Travel abroad 1As a student in our program, you can conduct research in your field of interest and be involved in our teaching program. A member of our faculty will be available to mentor you and to provide guidance throughout your education, teaching, and research experiences. We have also partnered with universities, government entities, and research groups worldwide through formal and informal joint programs to provide you exposure to international research.

Our joint programs include:
  • Animal Welfare Science Centre, University of Melbourne, Australia

Our students routinely conduct research or study abroad at these institutions or others. Graduates of our Ph.D. program are consistently placed in tenure-track positions in universities such as Purdue, Florida, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, and Southern Utah University. Graduates are also employed in prestigious industry or international research scientist positions, in USDA-ARS positions, or in animal production, postdoctoral, or Extension educator positions. We invite you to explore our web site for more information about opportunities in the Department of Animal Sciences.


Travel abroad

Other Programs

Graduate students also have the opportunity to obtain their degrees through two interdisciplinary paths related to the animal sciences. Click on the titles below to learn more about these programs.

The Department also partners with the College of Medicine’s MD/PhD program along with the College of Veterinary Medicine’s DVM/PhD program.