Dairy Working Group

Dairy Extension Working Group

Website: http://dairy.osu.edu/

The Dairy Extension Working Group’s objective is to “facilitate communication among OSU professionals who work in dairy-related sciences, dairy industry professionals, dairy producers, and the general public.” Its mission is to “disseminate scientifically based information which addresses the needs of the dairy industry and provide access to resources.” The group writes the Buckeye Dairy News newsletter and Dairy Issue Briefs (DIBS) to address critical issues being faced by dairy farmers (available at the website above). In addition, members contribute to the DAIReXNET community of practice for dairy industry personnel and consumers (http://www.extension.org/dairy_cattle).

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Associated Department of Animal Sciences faculty and staff members

Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference

Website: http://tristatedairy.osu.edu/

The Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference is held annually in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, with an attendance that averages 450 people and growing. The organizing committee includes members of the faculty at Ohio State, Michigan State, and Purdue, as well as industry stakeholders. While the title states that it is a nutrition conference, the content moves beyond nutrition to include topics such as milk components, milk quality, economic margins, and other issues important to dairy management.