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MHI Summer Research Program

As cardiovascular researchers, one of our most essential responsibilities is to function as mentors and offer opportunities to inspire impactful careers regardless of race, ancestry, sex, gender, or socioeconomic background. One of the most effective mechanisms to promote equity in research careers is undergraduate summer programs focused on underrepresented students. For the past six years, MHI has provided research environments for over 100 undergraduates from diverse backgrounds, many of which matriculated to STEM careers, graduate school, or medical school. To inspire underrepresented students toward careers in cardiovascular research, we designed MHI SUMMER, a program that encompasses research, mentoring, and career development.

Five undergraduates will be selected for the MHI SUMMER program. The program consists of a 10-week mentored cardiovascular research project that addresses an important scientific question. The MHI-SUMMER students will interact with lab members in their respective labs daily and meet with their mentors weekly.

In addition to working in a research lab, the MHI SUMMER students will attend sessions that cover responsible and safe research conduct, a weekly journal club to discuss and learn about cardiovascular science, and a career development series. The program concludes with attending the Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Scientific Sessions in Chicago, IL. Apply here by February 2nd!