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Student Newsletter: March 20th, 2023

Welcome to Week 11! 

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  1. We are excited to offer CFAES faculty, staff and students a free bus ride from the Agricultural Administration Building to Wooster and back to experience the 12th Celebration of Nations event at Ohio State University CFAES Wooster Campus on Tuesday, March 21, from 11:30 am to

  2. We want to celebrate YOU – let’s ‘Come Together’!  In CFAES, we put students first.

  3. You’re invited! CFAES Graduating Student Celebration

  4. There is a New Animal science club on campus! Buckeye bunnies is going to work to provide opportunities for members to learn about rabbits and the industry, while serving the community and sharing a special interest!

  5. You’re invited to Buckeye Dairy’s Career Fair on Thursday, March 23rd in the Animal Science Arena at 7:00pm!


  1. Edelweiss Farms Inc. has a dairy farm internship for this Summer. For more details, see attached

  2. The Rightmire Hall Zebrafish facility has up to 4 student assistant positions available ($13/hour) to join the husbandry team. The position is ideal for students interested in animal holding systems, tropical fish care, veterinary medicine, fisheries, animal husbandry, etc.


  1. The Department of Animal Sciences at Purdue University is seeking an Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory coordinator. More details are attached!

  2. There is an opening for a graduate assistantship in precision dairy science at Penn State! See attached for more information and how to apply!

  3. Whitestone Farm LLC has new paid internship openings for 2023! Whether you are already a budding professional, or have no horse experience at all, they have educational packages designed to take you to the next level!


  1. The Royal Scholars program is designed to provide an opportunity for outstanding college students to represent the American Royal and the agriculture industry.

  2. The George Miller Memorial Scholarship application is now open! Visit thie website to apply. The due date is April 1st. 


  1. Applications to be an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant are now open and due May 1st (although students are encouraged to apply early to plan their autumn schedule accordingly.)

    Requirements to serve as a UTA include: 

  2. Applications for The Animal Science Community Alliance (ASCA) are now open!


  1. All OSU Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS) staff were sent home to tele-commute until further notice.The CCS phone line 614-292-5766 remains available for emergency assistance 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

  2. Did you know that CFAES has hired a counselor to support the needs of their students' mental health?  Dr.

  3. The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has renewed its partnership with and will continue to provide ALL students and faculty the opportunity to

  4. The Career Services page on the departmental site has been redeveloped to hopefully make it more user-friendly. Check out helpful resources for building a resume, writing cover letters and more. There are resume templates that can be used to create a resume in case you don’t know where to start

  5. Lifebuoy

    Emergency: Dial 911
    University Police: 614-292-2121
    Student Advocacy Center: 614-292-1111
    Student Judicial Affairs: 614-292-0748

  6. Job search

    In addition to company websites, below is a list of websites that you might find helpful in your search for a full-time position, or even internship experience.

    Ag Explorer