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Celebration of Nations (free bus ride)

We are excited to offer CFAES faculty, staff and students a free bus ride from the Agricultural Administration Building to Wooster and back to experience the 12th Celebration of Nations event at Ohio State University CFAES Wooster Campus on Tuesday, March 21, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at Secrest Arboretum Welcome and Education Center in Wooster, OH.  The bus leaves Ag Admin’s parking lot at 10 am and returns there at 3 pm and will offer stops throughout the Wooster campus during the event. 

About ‘The Celebration of Nations’
The Celebration of Nations event is an event to celebrate the diversity of the people in OSU and an excellent opportunity for students to share their unique culture with the OSU community and learn about other cultures. Additionally, it will be a great platform to make new friends, build networks, and create lasting memories. Here's a link to the Celebration of Nations short promo video from 8 years ago to give you an idea of what to expect: The event is now in a larger venue, and instead of an international restaurant bringing food, people will sample free food from 25 nations and both campuses at each of their tables, i.e., booths. However, the upbeat atmosphere remains the same.

Next step for participation
Please RSVP by filling out this form to attend the event and ride a free bus from Columbus to Wooster and back:  

Contact Jason Owens ( with any questions.