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University of Bristol Veterinary School Talk

Next week, individuals from the University of Bristol Veterinary School are speaking on Veterinary Journeys: Exploring Paths, Passion, and Bristol's Influence. Keep scrolling to read more about their background:

Juliet’s veterinary roots trace back to Bristol University where she earned her veterinary degree in 1993. Initially she set her sights on becoming a dedicated cattle vet but over the course of 25 years in a diverse array of clinical roles, her focus changed, culminating in 2004 with her gaining a post-graduate certificate from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in small animal surgery. Her certificate allowed her to undertake a residency and spend more than a decade in referral practice before she changed course again, venturing into commercial and then corporate veterinary positions. All through her career there has been a common thread of teaching, so it is perhaps not surprising that in 2022 her career came full circle with a return to her Alma Mater to take up a lectureship at Bristol University.

Juliet believes her journey is a testament to the boundless opportunities awaiting those with a passion for veterinary science and who choose Bristol University as their first stepping stone.

Sue's career is a testament to her unwavering commitment to animal welfare and supporting those who care for animals. Starting as a riding instructor and groom, Sue's interest in understanding animal behavior grew while working with 'complex' horses. This led her to pursue a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Bristol Vet School, followed by an MSc and PhD focusing on caregiver roles in animal welfare.

After teaching equine welfare and behavior in Cornwall, Sue returned to Bristol Vet School, where she now serves as a lecturer in clinical animal behavior, Deputy Programme Director for the Veterinary Nursing Programme, and the school's International Director. Alongside her academic roles, she also works as a part-time Certified Clinical Animal Behaviorist.

Juliet and Sue are excited to share their career journeys, insights, and the pivotal role Bristol Vet School has played in shaping their paths. Join them as they reflect on their experiences and the lessons they've learned along the way.

The talk is on March 6th at 5:00 pm in 155 Jennings or over Zoom. Find more information and register here.