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Nature Conservancy Externship

Now Accepting Applications: Paid, Remote Externship from The Nature Conservancy and National Geographic Society (due May 1st, 2023)

Whether you live near an ocean or far away, water is a vital resource. Globally, marine habitats are facing mounting threats that stand to affect every person on the planet. Understanding the interconnectedness of natural systems, locally and globally, is critical to a sustainable future.  Overfishing, offshore drilling, ocean acidification, or the loss of coral reefs may feel distant, but in this externship, participants will translate marine conservation into a local context. Learn how to make marine issues relevant to any community and identify solutions. Students will explore marine conservation careers, interact with experts and scientists from the National Geographic Society and The Nature Conservancy, conduct research, and connect with local conservation organizations.


  • 100% remote and flexible
  • Part-time (10 hours/week for 8 weeks)
  • Running from late May to late July
  • Training included & mentor-led
  • $500 stipend

 The Experience

  • Explore resources and case studies on current marine conservation issues and solutions such as marine protected areas.
  • Learn and apply primary and secondary research methods to investigate conservation initiatives and identify regional and local issues that are relevant to marine conservation.
  • Speak to local leaders, conservationists, and community members to understand connections to marine conservation.
  • Identify gaps in local conservation efforts relevant to marine conservation and propose solutions to issues you may uncover.
  • Gain skills in written, verbal and visual storytelling to communicate marine issues and the ways in which your community can help.


  • Candidates should be between the ages of 18-25 and have an interest in learning about introductory approaches to conservation and careers in conservation.
  • We strongly encourage individuals from locations that are directly impacted by challenges to marine habitats to apply.
  • No prior work experience or coursework in conservation or environmental topics is required.

If you have any questions, please email Kate Ireland at kate.ireland@TNC.ORG.