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101st Little International

April 13, 2015

The Saddle & Sirloin Club welcomed competitors and visitors to the 101st Little "I" International April 11, 2015. Kaitlyn Hinds and Karlie Lane co-chaired the event. The Saddle and Sirloin Club is advised by Mr. Gregg Fogle and Dr. Steven Moeller. This year's Judges included Jennie Johnson (beef), Cassie (Mumaw) Wallpe (guys & gals lead and sheep), Candace Hedrick (Horse), and Marlene Eick (swine). The 2015 Honorary Member recognition went to Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Westfall, parents of current Saddle and Sirloin member and Goat Show Chairman, Caleb Westfall. The 2015 Saddle & Sirloin Uncle was Dr. Martin Mussard, Farm Manager of the The Ohio State University Beef and Sheep Centers. This award is the most prestigious award presented by Saddle & Sirloin Club.

The 2015 Royalty Court included

  • Caitlyn Black
  • Sara Boyle
  • Barden "Brady" Campbell
  • Katilyn Hinds
  • Adam Rine
  • Garth Ruff
  • Cody Shafer
  • Hannah Slykerman
  • Lydia Ulry
  • Caleb Westfall

2015 Outstanding Awards

  • Molly Cleveland (Freshman)
  • Grant Price (Sophomore)
  • Lauren Keefer (Junior)
  • Hannah Slykerman (Senior)

Ham Division

  1. Garth Ruff
  2. Donation from OSU Meat Lab
  3. Brandon Klehm

Corned Beef Division

  1. OSU Livestock Judging Team
  2. Kristin Subler
  3. Hannah Slykerman

Experienced Division

  1. Diana Bushman
  2. Emily Warnock
  3. Garth Ruff

Inexperienced Division

  1. Alex Cope
  2. Marina Sweet
  3. Adam Bercz

Experienced Division

  1. Michelle LeMaster
  2. Alex Dewitt
  3. Erika Priest

Inexperienced Division

  1. Shelby Balint
  2. Marissa Hunter
  3. Amy Bradford

Experienced Division

  1. Dustin Cunningham
  2. Molly Cleveland
  3. Darby Walton

Inexperienced Division

  1. Jake Triplett
  2. Morgan Foster
  3. Jade Heizer

Experienced Division

  1. Nick Fowler
  2. Mark Wallen
  3. Jordan Marx

Inexperienced Division

  1. Hannah Slykerman
  2. Dani Seitner
  3. Ren Hopkins

Lads Lead

  1. Brady Campbell, as Woody
  2. Colton Tom, as Gregg Fogle
  3. Caleb Westfall, as Buzz Lightyear

2015 Steeb Representatives

Cattle – Dustin Cunningham
Swine – Diana Bushman
Sheep – Nick Fowler
Equine – Michelle Lemaster

2015 Steeb Winner – Nick Fowler