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11th Annual CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum

Feb. 21, 2014

The 11th Annual College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Research Forum was held February 20. We recognize the following Animal Sciences award winners:

Animal Sciences - Nutrition Category

  1. Brooklyn Wagner (Project Advisor Dr. J. Firkins), "Development of Video Analysis of Protozoal Activity and Future Implications on Ruminant Nutrition Research"
  2. (tie) Logan Morris (Project Advisor Dr. J. Firkins), "The Impacts of Dual Variation of pH and Passage Rate on Methane Production" & Rachel Townsley (Advisor Dr. K. Daniels), "Health of Holstein Bull Calves Fed a Fermentation Extract of Aspergillus"

Animal Sciences - Animal Health Category

  1. Paula Chen (Project Advisor Dr. K. Lee), "Developmental Regulation of Adipose Tissue Growth Through Hyperplasia and Hypertrophy in the Embryonic Leghorn and Broiler"
  2. Hannah Kester (Project Advisor Dr. J. Hogan), "Using Bio-Sensors to Measure Activity and Milk Compositional Changes During Streptococcus Uberis Induced Mastitis"

We also recognize and thank our faculty and staff members who contributed their time as judges at the forum:

  • Dr. Kimberly Cole
  • Dr. Macdonald Wick
  • Ms. Jeanne Osborne
  • Dr. Joseph Ottobre