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2017 Little International Results

Nov. 7, 2017

The 2017 103rd Annual Saddle & Sirloin Little "I" (International) was held November 4, at the Beef, Swine, and Equine Centers in Columbus. There were approximately 60 participants in all of the competitions combined. The Little "I" events consisted of showmanship competitions in five livestock species (goats have been added this year), and a Ham and Corned Beef Curing Contest. The top two finishers in each category of the contest are listed below.

Steeb Competition

  • Allison Carpenter

Beef Experienced

  1. Hannah Jarvis
  2. Drew Baus

Beef Inexperienced

  1. Sarah Landis
  2. Heather Pechtl

Swine Experienced

  1. Skylar Plank
  2. Wyatt Jones

Swine Inexperienced

  1. Sarah Landis
  2. Chase Green

Sheep Experienced

  1. Allison Carpenter
  2. Taylor Andrews

Sheep InexperiencedLittle I Co-Chairperson Nick Fowler looks over the program

  1. Lucas Buehler
  2. Sarah Schuster

Goats Experienced

  1. Briana Gwirtz
  2. Jamie Gothard

Goats Inexperienced

  1. Jonathan Suwarna
  2. Ashley SindelarAnimal Sciences Chair Dr. John Foltz looks over the event program w/ Makenzie Moyer

Horses Experienced

  1. Autumn Fickel
  2. Charles Bowlby

Horse Inexperienced

  1. Anna Garret
  2. Jared Shields


  1. Justin KiefferParticipants, family, and friends enjoy the Little I banquet
  2. Bennett Klosterman

Corned Beef

  1. Bennett Klosterman
  2. Ron Cramer (OSU Meat Lab)