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Department of Animal Sciences


2018 Celebration of Excellence

May. 17, 2018

The Department of Animal Sciences held the Celebration of Excellence on April 13, 2018. Highlights included scholarship, undergraduate research, and ASAS recognition.

The Celebration of Excellence began by honoring individuals that received recognition during the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences’ Celebration of Students. The Department of Animal Sciences had six of the 20 Outstanding Seniors recognized during the CFAES event. The seniors recognized were:

  • Mikaela Disbennett
  • Katie Frost
  • Hannah Jarvis
  • Taylor Klass
  • Emily Starlin
  • Marina Sweet

Waldock Brothers Award winner Hannah JarvisThe Department of Animal Sciences was also well represented amongst the Newcomb Scholars, which recognizes the top five students of each class based on GPA. The Department of Animal Sciences Newcomb Scholars included:

  • Megan Whalin
  • Andrea Krendl
  • Aislinn Latham
  • Randi Shaw




Other College-level award recipients included:

  • Allison Carpenter, Internship Award for Animal Sciences
  • Cameron Hupp, Jill A. Pfister First Year Student Scholarship
  • Dr. Kimberly Cole, Rodney F. Plimpton Teaching Award
  • Mr. John Lemmermen, Oustanding Service to Students Award

The Department of Animal Sciences also honored numerous students at the Departmental-level for winning scholarships, participation in the CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum, and academicL.E. Kunkle Award winner Jerad Jaborek recognition in the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS).

Individuals honored for Outstanding Student Awards were:

  • Dr. George R. Johnson Scholarship Award (Senior(s) with the Highest GPA)
    • James Constantino
    • Aislinn Latham
    • Randi Shaw
    • Meghan Smith
    • Megan Whalin


  • Waldock Brothers Award (Outstanding Senior in Animal Science)
    • Hannah Jarvis
  • L.E. Kunkle Award (Outstanding Graduate Student in Animal Science)
    • Jerad Jaborek

The final portion of the program was dedicated to individuals who have dedicated their careers to the improvement of animal and meat sciences. The Animal Science Hall of Fame induction ceremony honored Mr. Mike Stitzlein, while the Dairy Science Hall of Service induction ceremony honored Dr. Cameron Thraen and Mr. Roger Tedrick.

Dr. George R. Johnson Award winner James ConstantinoDr. George R. Johnson Award winner Aislinn LathamDr. George R. Johnson Award winner Randi Shaw