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2021-2022 CFAES Awards: Dr. Sandra Velleman, Distinguished Professor of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

March 25, 2022
The 2021-2022 CFAES Distinguished Professors are (left to right) Jay F. Martin, M. Monica Giusti, and Sandra Velleman

Sandra Velleman

Velleman, who is professor in the CFAES Department of Animal Sciences, has developed a nationally and internationally recognized research program in avian skeletal muscle development and growth with an emphasis on extracellular matrix regulation of the adult myoblast, satellite cell, stem cell population.

“Dr. Velleman is one of the only researchers in the world looking at satellite cell growth and development in poultry as well as overall muscle development, and is the only person doing this research in turkeys,” said Paige Rohlf, manager of research and development for Aviagen Turkeys, one of the top turkey companies developing genetics for the global turkey industry. 

“Dr. Velleman has been a key researcher in understanding and overcoming muscle myopathies in chickens in the last decade,” Rohlf said. “Her research is unique, and has contributed to multidisciplinary research into incubation, nutrition, and general husbandry.”

Velleman has published 200 research articles and book chapters, and two ebooks on avian muscle growth mechanisms. Her research has been cited 3,898 times. She has given 36 invited presentations on avian skeletal muscle development and growth.

Velleman’s honors and awards include the 2014 OARDC Distinguished Senior Faculty Research Award, 2009 Ohio Poultry Association Meritorious Service Award, 1998 Poultry Science Association Research Award, and 2009 Evonik Degussa Achievement Award, which is the highest research award given by the Poultry Science Association for distinctive contributions to poultry science advancement.

CFAES Distinguished Professor of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences honorees receive a permanent $2,500 addition to their base pay and a $15,000 one-time grant to support their academic work.

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