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2021-2022 CFAES Awards: Gireesh Rajashekara, Distinguished Senior Faculty Research Award

March 25, 2022
Gireesh Rajashekara Distinguished Senior Faculty Research Award Recipient

Dr. Gireesh Rajashekara is a Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences and Center for Food Animal Health (CFAH). Dr. Rajashekara’s lab is focused on solving animal health and zoonotic disease problems in food-producing animals using One Health approach. Specifically, his research is focused on the discovery of novel antimicrobials as well as probiotics and antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) to control foodborne and animal pathogens. Further studies are focused on elucidating mechanisms of how malnutrition and associated changes in microbiota contribute to gut integrity and intestinal homeostasis and its impact on pathogenesis of enteric pathogens. Dr. Rajashekara is a highly productive researcher and in the last 5 years he has generated more than $12 million in funding with close to $4.5 million for his research programs, published 47 peer-reviewed articles (total over 120), and holds multiple patents.  As an advisor he has mentored 11 PhD, 3 MS, several undergraduate students, and 6 postdocs.  Dr. Rajashekara actively serves on several department/college committees; notably, CFAES Research Advisory Committee; PAAR (BSL3Ag) Advisory Board. He is extensively involved in providing service to the professional communities, serves as a member of the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases (CRWAD) Program Committee and on the NCAC2 Animal Health Advisory Committee, USDA, which provides advice to the directors and national program leaders on multistate research priorities. To view all award recipients visit CFAES.