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Buckeye Royal 2020

Dec. 18, 2020

Every year, Buckeye Dairy Club hosts a heifer showmanship contest at OSU’s very own Waterman Dairy Facility! This is an opportunity for university students, employees, staff, and faculty to get out of the classroom and away from the desk to de-stress while bonding with and training their chosen heifer! This year, being a year full of added stress and hardships, this opportunity allowed 90 participants to train animals while interacting with fellow Buckeyes at the same time! Due to COVID-19, they were faced with many planning challenges and unexpected roadblocks along the way, but ended the event with 41 people showing heifers and having a day full of laughter, fun, and no stress!

The judge was ACEL’s very own Madison Dyment with the ring man being Joe Sieving, and the event was planned and held by Buckeye Dairy Club member, Cameron Hupp. A huge THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS go out to everyone involved for all the effort put forth to make this event as successful as it was during challenging times!